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Integration spotlight: Adobe Stock

With Adobe Stock you have access to millions of high-quality images, graphics, videos, 3D objects and templates right inside your Brightspot CMS.

Brightspot integrations: Adobe Stock logo

With Brightspot’s Adobe Stock integration, gain access to millions of high-quality images, graphics, videos, 3D objects and templates, all from within the Brightspot CMS.

Adobe Stock and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A learning institution wants to support a new microsite with vivid imagery and iconography to appeal to its target audience. An editor uses Brightspot’s Adobe Stock integration to pull in relevant images and then easily distributes them across many pieces of content.
  • A software company is trying to be more visual with their content to help steer the right eyes to the right information. Wanting to locate relevant images for each audience segment, they search Adobe Stock’s library right from within Brightspot, import images in bulk, and put them in various content pieces to drive engagement.
screenshot of Adobe Stock integration in Brightspot CMS

Adobe Stock and Brightspot: Setup

Setting up Brightspot’s Getty Images federated search integration is easy. In the Sites and Settings section, access the Global Site.

  1. In the Plugins tab, enable the Adobe Stock plugin
  2. In the Main tab, enter both an API Key and API Secret

For more information, see our full documentation.

screenshot of Adobe Stock integration dashboard in Brightspot CMS

Adobe Stock and Brightspot: How to use the Adobe Stock integration

To import images from Adobe Stock, access Brightspot’s Global Search by clicking on the search bar at the top of the interface.

  • Select Adobe Stock from the Global Search Filters menu on left
  • Type in search term in Brightspot Search bar, just like with any other search
  • Checkmark desired images
  • In Advanced menu on right, select Bulk Import

You may now use these images, imported directly from the Adobe Stock library, as you would any other image in Brightspot.

Brightspot CMS image search screenshot
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Inside Brightspot: Integrated search

The Adobe Stock plugins enable federated searches of Adobe Stock images directly from the search panel.

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