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Integration spotlight: JW Player

JW Player offers a centralized platform for high-quality video management, adapting playback based on network conditions for a smooth viewing experience. With the integration, publishers gain control over video import frequency, ensuring up-to-date content.

Image of JW Player logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS

JW Player is an online video management software designed to help companies upload and stream deliver high-quality videos via a centralized platform. The video player software can be used to embed videos in web pages, delivering different formats depending on network conditions to address latency issues and deliver a smooth playback experience. For example, JW Player delivers a high-definition video when latency is low, and a low-definition video when latency is high.

JW Player and Brightspot: How it works

The JW Player Brightspot integration lets publishers with multiple JW Player accounts and Brightspot sites restrict an individual Brightspot site’s search to a specific JW Player account.

Users can also control the frequency at which Brightspot imports videos from JW Player. Frequent imports keep your Brightspot video inventory up to date, but may also cause an increase in resource load. The default frequency is every minute.

JW Player and Brightspot: Use Cases

  • A global CPG company recently hosted an hour-long meeting with key investors. The session was filmed, edited and uploaded to the investor relations section of the company’s website, then pushed out to key financial media. To ensure a seamless viewing experience, editors used the JW Player Brightspot integration.
  • A Spanish-language media company publishes more than a dozen videos a day, ranging in length. The JW Player Brightspot integration helps editors ensure the files will play smoothly, without delay, across all devices and connectivity scenarios. 
With the JW Player integration, ensure the best-quality video experiences for users of your website and apps. Learn how to connect your JW Player account with Brightspot here.


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