Brightspot vs. Drupal

Get started delivering digital experiences on day one with Brightspot CMS—no third-party or developer support needed.

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Flexible, fast, all-in-one CMS

At Brightspot, we've got your back—and front end. Go headless to power an API-first design, or use our front-end framework. Or, do both and make the most of our flexible architecture.
Before Brightspot CMS
❌ Extensive third-party support to create any new content

❌ All integrations must be custom built

❌ Third-party work for any customization

❌ Steep learning curve for new users

❌ Lack of dedicated support for unique needs
Building with Brightspot
  • Seamless content creation with 100+ pre-built content types & templates
  • Custom integrations built for you, plus 70+ pre-built plug-ins
  • Customizable workflows, content types and user interface
  • Intuitive UI easy enough for users at any skill level to utilize
  • Committed team to walk with you every step of the way
Vodafone New Zealand turned to Brightspot to help migrate from its legacy Drupal CMS to a dynamic content platform that would allow the telecommunications leader to deliver a transformative customer and corporate experience.

Why Brightspot?

Brightspot CMS
  • 100+ ready-to-use content templates & features
  • Customizable workflows & collaboration tools
  • World-class, intuitive UI
The UI is extremely intuitive—it doesn't require heavy thinking.
Brightspot CMS case study promo graphic
Digital Product Manager, SBS Australia
  • Deliver content to any device
  • Go headless, hybrid or both
  • Get a frictionless experience with auto-generated APIs and debugging
  • Seamlessly connect your tech stack

Say goodbye to scrolling forums. With Brightspot, you can trust the top experts in the industry to walk beside you every step of the way and evolve with you as your business grows.

That’s why 97% of our customers return to us year after year.
Brightspot CMS
Integrations image
Sync your tech stack
Brightspot’s suite of ready-to-launch and custom integrations make it easy to connect your essential tools into one content hub.

Explore our Integrations
SBS moved from Drupal CMS to Brightspot's headless CMS implementation to support flexible, multi-language programming and drive greater publishing efficiency for its content teams.
Our editorial team can produce 2x the amount of content now that we have Brightspot.
image of SBS Australia website
Digital Lead - NACA, SBS Australia

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