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Top 10 reasons marketers love Brightspot CMS

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A brand with an omnichannel strategy will ensure that no matter where the customer journey begins—a physical store, mobile app or different channel—and no matter where it ends, the individual will have a seamless, consistent experience all the way through. Brightspot exists to support marketers in bringing these experiences to life—all in an easier, faster and smarter way. Read on to discover 10 ways Brightspot empowers and improves the lives of marketing and communications teams.

API-first to meet customers where they're at

With Brightspot, you have the option to go headless, use a head or do both. Brightspot’s headless or decoupled CMS options make it possible to push content to any device, no matter if shoppers are online, in an app, or using another channel such as wearable tech. A headless CMS can also help teams distribute content across channels while collecting customer data from those touchpoints that feed into the 360-degree customer view.

Anne Neubauer
By Anne Neubauer
July 30, 2021
There's been a lot of buzz lately around headless commerce. But what is headless commerce, and why is everyone talking about it?

Integration-readiness that connects the martech stack

Brightspot provides easy integration and pre-built connectors with other parts of the marketing ecosystem. These integration tools include marketing automation software, paywall providers and advertising networks. For instance, one integration might enhance the omnichannel experience by offering identity protection to a customer accessing paywalled content. Another could display an eCommerce link for a customer to make a purchase based on profile preferences or browsing history. 

Every business needs a complete view of the customer journey in order to deliver content that will have the most impact for different audiences. This all starts with an integrated tech stack and an integration-ready CMS at its heart.

Modular content for efficiency plus engagement

Brightspot's modular content approach lets marketers present variations of content to different audience segments and across multiple devices and screens to help speed up the marketing team's work as well as increasing effectiveness with customers.

Personalization drives results

Brightspot makes personalization easy. Having the right data points and analytical tools is key to personalized, omnichannel marketing. Brightspot is integration- and migration-ready, taking in companies’ proprietary data sources, digital experience platforms, enterprise applications and marketing tech software to easily analyze and use data. 

Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
May 18, 2017
With the right mindset, strategies and execution, brands can make major strides in establishing their value and building trust, credibility and engagement.

Omnichannel capabilities

Brightspot has an intuitive back-end experience and native omnichannel capabilities that make content simple to create, optimize and distribute. Teams can store all content in the CMS as a central location for publishing across channels, using variations and segmentation to create the right experience for different audiences and channels. And with Brightspot's API-first architecture connecting to any channel, device or digital experience—now or in the future—is seamless.

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
February 15, 2021
Omnichannel marketing is a practice that aligns content delivery across marketing channels—both online and offline—to provide a seamless, consistent experience. Here's what marketers need to know to get it right.

Multisite capabilities empower global marketing reach

Brightspot is naturally multisite and multi-national, which plays a big role in brand consistency for marketers. For global organizations that need content distributed on sites around the world in their native languages, they can publish more efficiently and realize cost savings when consolidating multiple publishing tools onto a single CMS.

Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
October 29, 2020
Companies today are becoming increasingly borderless, meaning it's more common to need multiple sites in multiple languages to support their business. A modern CMS will ensure seamless and consistent multisite management no matter the geography, number of sites or source of original content assets.

Own your data with audience insights

Marketers may not have access to the same data they had before via third-party cookies—somewhat limiting their ability to run successful campaigns—but there are alternative strategies, such as first-party data, that enable marketers to continue to drive results. Brightspot is API-first to make integrations easy, and certain integrations can help marketers navigate changes to third-party cookies.

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
June 23, 2021
One of the biggest stories in marketing today is increasing consumer privacy standards. Here's what digital marketers need to know about targeting consumers while respecting their privacy.

Unparalleled speed drives speed-to-market

Brightspot provides digital-to-print capabilities and out-of-the-box options for getting sites up quickly, making it easy for brands to get started. And, instead of being unprepared when a new channel emerges that can support content display, Brightspot’s headless and hybrid CMS options enable pushing content to a front end without disruption.

Download this e-book for a step-by-step guide for rapid go-to-market transformation with a single-site or multisite launch.

Collaborate and deliver with team-based workflows and permissions

Brightspot’s workflow system allows you to enhance and facilitate team collaboration through an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Meanwhile, Brightspot's roles and permissions capabilities also allow for granular access control through an intuitive UI, making it easy for even non-technical admins to configure the settings and keep teams on track and focused on delivering.

Exceptional publishing UI

Brightspot’s UI is designed to feel intuitive, with editing tools, collaboration features and content administration functions that editorial teams need. For example, the platform offers a variety of built-in preview views that include three desktop sizes and device preview for tablet and mobile across landscape and portrait.

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