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CMS for multisite

Manage your portfolio of sites with a CMS that’s flexible enough to support individual campaign customization alongside shared features like assets, templates, integrations and more.

Spin up sites quickly using composable content functionality and ensure brand consistency across all of your sites—all from one CMS instance.

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Indigo Sports
Learn how we're helping the golf giant effectively scale their business and increase brand consistency with a streamlined multisite content-management system.
The resulting growth in organic search rankings is a testament to the site structure on the back end—it's just a really good mousetrap when it comes to people seeking information.
Director of Digital Marketing, Indigo Sports

The multisite features you need for your CMS

Create unique sites and microsites that can be rolled out quickly and managed until each campaign concludes. Built-in SEO tools, personalization and localization support, plus the power of collaborative editing and publishing, will ensure your campaigns succeed.
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Multisite capabilities
Manage as many sites as you need with shared assets, templates, permissions and other settings while still customizing different features on individual sites - all from the same CMS.
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Translation tools
Speak to your audience in their language with included translation services like Google Translate, or integrate with your third-party translation management services like Lingotek.
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Centralized brand consistency
Maintain brand consistency with shared templates that can evolve and be updated globally as the brand evolves and its look-and-feel changes.
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Built-in SEO tools
Elevate your search engine results and win higher rankings with built-in SEO integrations that track performance.
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Modular content
Create once, distribute everywhere. With modular content, any asset can be repurposed and reused, saving your teams valuable time and money.
Custom workflows
With the click of a button, create workflows that are designed to meet your unique business processes and streamline communication.

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