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Home furniture giant Wayfair achieves global content-management flexibility and consistency with Brightspot

Boston-based Wayfair needed a way to standardize its content output to improve brand consistency and better tell the stories behind the billion-dollar e-commerce business. Brightspot was the solution Wayfair selected to unify global operations on a unified and secure content platform.

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The Wayfair challenge

Offering 33 million products from 23,000-plus partners on its online home retail catalog, Boston’s $12 billion dollar e-commerce giant Wayfair is one of the world’s largest players in the sector.

Formerly known as SCN Stores, the company has built out a global logistics and infrastructure network, as well as expanding to Canada, the UK and Germany. It has also won a loyal customer base of over 22 million shoppers. It is a pioneering and high-scale user of the Google Cloud Platform.

In 2020, Wayfair decided it wanted a new way of managing the creation, update and deletion of content in a secure environment. Another consideration was to unify content work across the company and stop using different content management systems (CMSs) in different geographies.

Brightspot emerged as just the tool for all these requirements.

The Brightspot solution for Wayfair

With Brightspot as its CMS, Wayfair gained robust new capabilities to publish content and pages to the extensive "About Us" section on its corporate website and on its careers portal. Transitioning from the earlier fragmented and siloed publishing process, the Brightspot CMS made it easy to push content to multiple channels from one central content control hub, with appropriate routing via agreed roles and an approval process.

Other benefits of the new solution for Wayfair included specialized content actions such as linking content views to candidate progress in its applicant funnel via close integration with Google Tag Manager and applicant tracking systems. And last but not least, a high level of interoperability with Wayfair’s other content and digital-asset repositories was realized.

Wayfair: Brightspot CMS case study promo graphic

The outcome for Wayfair

Now, Wayfair staff can quickly create secure new web pages that align with the firm’s overall design identity in a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") interface, without the need for any help from their IT colleagues.

The system also allows "About Us" and "Careers" section managers to easily measure content views and shares via a range of perspectives, for example, by unique visitor over time.

This new Brightspot way of working supports the recording of all Wayfair publishing activity in an audit log and automatically applies an approval workflow to new and updated content. And because all content is now protected from attacks such as cross-site scripting, DDoS and identity spoofing, Wayfair content is now more secure.

As a result, it’s a best-of-both-worlds outcome for the company because global content can be easily and safely customized in a consistent way, while the ability to use a variety of integrated tools has been maintained.

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