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Walmart Content Management Software

Walmart can now display the heart and soul behind the giant company with its optimal storytelling and conversation platform. Learn how Brightspot helped.

By the numbers

Corporate sites managed around the globe
1 day
Turnaround time for microsites
Website traffic increase
Pieces of content managed within Brightspot

The Walmart challenge

Given the depth and breadth of Walmart’s content, the company needed a scalable platform that could streamline the entire publishing process and empower its communications team to operate as editors and publishers.

Sticking with a legacy CMS would have constrained our creativity and undermined our confidence. With a modern CMS like Brightspot, we can move and innovate the way we want now, and in the future.
Caitlin Brown, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy

The Brightspot solution for Walmart

With the Brightspot CMS, Walmart is able to manage eight global websites from a single authoring point, maximizing editorial efficiency and empowering the company to easily weave storytelling into each section of its websites.

Walmart project highlights include:

  • User-generated content that can be reviewed within the same editorial interface to keep the brand experience clean while allowing valuable user engagement.
  • Increased security and interoperability with a CMS that integrated seamlessly into Walmart's current tech stack in accordance with security requirements.
  • Social media integrations that increased the organization's reach and engagement by allowing users to effortlessly log in with social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter and comment on brand properties.
Walmart's digital experience is the optimal storytelling and conversation platform
With Brightspot's flexibility, Walmart is equipped to execute more quickly and plan for the giant company's future.
Today Brightspot empowers Walmart to easily manage their brand voice
Walmart can now easily weave storytelling into each section of its websites and display the heart and soul behind this massive brand.
Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
February 08, 2018
Learn how a modern CMS and the power of brand storytelling enabled Walmart to transform their corporate communications strategy.
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