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Ad Council launches 'Discover the Forest' campaign on Brightspot

The Discover the Forest Campaign, a partnership between the Ad Council and the U.S. Forest Service, has relaunched on the Brightspot platform.

The Discover the Forest campaign encourages parents and caregivers of tweens to spend time in nature as a family. By introducing children to nature when they are young, they develop a love for the outdoors at an early age and go on to become future stewards of the land. Children that spend time in nature engage in unstructured play, are more focused, and are more creative, while parents are less stressed and healthier. Screenshots
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1 of 3 encourages families to explore nature by connecting visitors to parks and forests in their area, along with outdoor activity suggestions and relevant resources. Discover the Forest is the fourth Ad Council campaign launched on Brightspot and designed by interactive agency Viget, following, and

Brightspot & The Ad Council

The Ad Council supports multiple campaign sites for a number of nonprofits and government agencies across various different CMS platforms. The team at the Ad Council began working with Brightspot in 2018. They hoped to both consolidate all of their properties within one multisite platform and to make the sites more manageable for their campaign staff and the digital product team. Brightspot enabled them to do both of those things.

With Brightspot, the Ad Council has been able to streamline their implementations by housing campaigns in one platform and globalizing their product standards around analytics, SEO and accessibility. Brightspot has also empowered the product and campaigns' teams to efficiently and independently manage their different sites, publish content and spin up new sites without IT support.


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