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Discover our pre-built applications—crafted to give you a head start in Brightspot development with best practices that work.

TypeScript & React Examples

Take advantage of our readily usable TypeScript and React applications to quickly start developing in Brightspot.
An example of how to use JS Classes & the GraphQL API for generating a Content Delivery API endpoint to connect to a front-end application.
This example demonstrates how to create an introspection query rule that only allows access if a specific HTTP header is passed, serving as a way to control who can make introspection queries.
Brightspot developed the Marked Text Library as a solution for handling and rendering Marked Text, along with the ability to customize its appearance and functionality.
This example demonstrates querying Marked Text with more complex rich text element types (e.g. images and link) and rendering them using Brightspot's Marked Text Library.
This example demonstrates implementing Brightspot theming via a CDA endpoint to access presentation logic.
This example highlights how simple it is to use JS Classes and the Brightspot GraphQL API for generating a GraphQL Content Delivery API endpoint (CDA).
See how an app can define and manage all of its own routes and map to the appropriate GraphQL API calls to power the app.
This example demonstrates how to use the routing APIs to fetch content by URL path and control the routing of a front-end application using the URL path metadata.
Sample app demonstrating how to track changes to schemas and compare schema history programmatically.
Sample app demonstrating debugging CORS issues and effective configuration for streamlined development.
See how to use APQs with Brightspot and Apollo Client, using best practices for GraphQL queries.
See how to leverage Brightspot's Webhooks feature to trigger web page regeneration when content is published or updated.
Brightspot supports API keys through its API Client system. This example demonstrates how to create a GraphQL endpoint that requires an API key and shows how to fetch data from it.

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