What the Brightspot CMS for Government Means to Your Stakeholders

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The Brightspot CMS for Government is an out-of-the-box CMS solution for modern, compliant
government websites. Purpose-built for government, with U.S. Web Design System templates that are compliant with the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act and Section 508, the Brightspot for Government CMS platform empowers federal agencies to rapidly build and launch digital experiences in as little as 90 days. Created by leveraging our experiences launching websites for some of the world’s largest companies, the he Brightspot CMS for Government brings commercial best practices to the government sector.

Perfect Sense is a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Network.

Benefits for Every Part of Your Website Ecosystem

The Brightspot CMS for Government benefits every part of your website ecosystem. CMS users get a best-in-class publishing experience that requires less time to publish and maintain a site. IT and developers are freed from many of the administrative burdens typically associated with managing a CMS. With rapid deployments and ongoing product innovation, executives get a high return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Empowering CMS Users

The Brightspot CMS for Government removes technology roadblocks so that publishers can focus on content and publishing. Our publishing experience, designed for editors, eliminates obstacles by removing IT from the day-to-day publishing process—providing editors with unprecedented control over the look and feel of their sites. Publish to any device, in any language, as fast as you can create content with The Brightspot CMS for Government.

Benefits for CMS users:

  • An unparalleled publishing experience
  • Minimal reliance on IT and developers
  • Compatible with any publishing workflow
  • Ability to publish to any channel

Reducing Administration for Developers/IT

The Brightspot CMS for Government lessens the overall burden typically associated with administering a CMS. Our cloud deployments ensure scalability and performance regardless of traffic loads, while headless content distribution eliminates the need to create custom front ends for every device. What’s more, our API-first approach ensures interoperability with your existing technology stack.

Benefits for IT/developers:

  • Scalable and performant
  • Naturally headless and de-coupled
  • API-first approach
  • Out-of-the-box integrations

Internal staff

The Brightspot CMS for Government is an out-of-the-box communications platform with all the pre-configured templates and components needed to engage your workforce and increase productivity. Our solution integrates with your other software and services, requires little from your IT department, and can be deployed in weeks, not months. Empower internal staff to achieve more by having greater access to organization information and team members, internal communication & systems, at any time of day and across any device.

Benefits for internal stakeholders:

  • Personalization and Permissions
  • Employee Profiles
  • Secure Internal Communications
  • Authentication and Single Sign-Onn

Citizen Engagement

A citizen journey is typically comprised of multiple interactions while completing a multistage process such as applying for and receiving/managing federal student aid, filing taxes, or a specific period of someone’s life such as transitioning from military active duty. A purpose built CMS for the government makes it easier to create an engaging and satisfying citizen journey. Federal government customers will increasingly expect their digital customer experience to be similar to private sector. New government laws, regulations and policies have transformed these expectations into agency requirements.

Benefits for citizens:

  • Easy navigation and access to information
  • Increased participation/interaction with government
  • Using private sector best practices in consumer journey to develop a more compelling citizen journey
About the Author
Melchior Baltazar
Melchior Baltazar leads the Public Sector business unit at Perfect Sense. Melchior has deep domain knowledge of the public sector marketplace and the government procurement process, and maintains extensive relationships with key decision makers. In his previous life, Melchior was a U.S. Navy SEAL, Staff Judge Advocate General (JAG), corporate attorney, entrepreneur and senior technology executive.