Top 10 reasons why publishers love Brightspot

10 reasons why publishers love Brightspot
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With best-in-class editorial tools and robust admin features, Brightspot brings agility, speed and sanity back into the lives of publishers—empowering them to quickly embrace new publishing tools and trends. The above video highlights some of the countless ways Brightspot’s low-code, lightweight framework makes innovation, customization and scalability a reality for today's fast-moving publishers. Our powerful, next-gen content management system makes the lives of reporters, editors and other content creators that much easier via the following features.


Find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s from Brightspot or select third-party databases, with persistent, contextual search—available from anywhere within the CMS.

Rich Text Editor

Draft, edit, publish and repurpose content more efficiently with the word processing-like experience of our rich text editor.


Our platform gives you a glimpse of exactly how your content will appear before you publish with real-time live preview that updates with each keystroke.

Artificial Intelligence

Match relevant keywords against existing tags in the CMS with Brightspot’s suggested tags feature, powered by Amazon Comprehend. You can also automatically identify objects, people, texts, scenes and activity—including the detection of inappropriate content—with our Amazon Rekognition integration.


With video OVP integrations available out-of-the-box, Brightspot makes it possible to seamlessly create, edit, tag and distribute TV-like experiences within one consistent workflow.


Establish more control over your organization’s editorial processes, while enhancing team collaboration, with Brightspot’s customizable drag-and-drop workflows.

Permissions & Roles Management

Give admins the ability to customize the user experience and permissions for all users based on the roles in your organization–all without IT assistance.


Stay in-the-know wherever you are with the ability to receive publishing notifications and alerts via email, text, browser or even Slack.

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