CMS for Government

Brightspot provides a fully customizable, API-first enterprise CMS solution that meets the needs of all Federal websites and intranets, providing citizens and government workers with a modern, consistent, user-friendly experience.

Your content management system should have modern authoring tools, flexibility and a few other features standard. Find out what those are.
For federal agencies to improve their websites, they need to take advice from their private sector counterparts.
Brightspot CMS for Government is built to help government agencies meet all of the IDEA Act requirements, and more.
The IDEA Act means digital government must serve citizens better. Following these best practices can help.
From website accessibility to US design standards and more, find out what you need to know.
The IDEA act can improve digital experiences for hiring, procurement, contracts and more.
Learn how our platform was designed to meet government accessibility standards and much more.
Why Brightspot CMS for Government Is the CMS Solution for the IDEA Act meets US web design standards and is made to help comply with the 21st Century IDEA act.
The IDEA Act presents problems that Brightspot was built to help solve.