Inside Brightspot: How to bulk edit and use workstreams

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Inside Brightspot: How to bulk edit and use workstreams

Editing and updating multiple pieces of similar content can be time-consuming and tedious. Bulk editing with Brightspot gives you the ability to make the same change to lots of content—all at once. Workstreams allow you to make unique edits to multiple pieces of content quickly. You can group content together through search, and then have multiple users edit pages one right after another without having to re-search or re-navigate to the next page.

Two time-saving features of the Brightspot platform, bulk edit and workstreams, are demoed above.

Let’s first explore the bulk editing functionality. If an editor selects four different articles within the dashboard, the Actions menu will display options for “New Workstream” and “Bulk Edit.” When bulk editing the selected articles, the editor could, for example, replace, add or remove all of the tags associated with all of the articles. The key here is that the editor performs the same action on all four articles.

In contrast, creating a new workstream involves performing a different action on each article—but still doing it in bulk, therefore saving you time. What’s more, you can have multiple people working on the same workstream simultaneously.

As is the case with many features in Brightspot, we created the options to bulk edit and create new workstreams to support one of the primary goals of the platform: to save our busy users as much time as possible.

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