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Brightspot CMS combines the tools publishers demand with the flexibility developers need. Use it headless or decoupled, and enjoy the benefits of a robust, enterprise-ready platform.

The Brightspot difference

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Take a look at how Brightspot CMS solves enterprise content management challenges for its customers, spotlighting Brightspot's most powerful and important features.
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Extensible architecture
Brightspot is API-first, cloud agnostic and front-end agnostic, meaning you can take a headless, hybrid or coupled approach—or mix and match, now and anytime in the future.
Publisher informed
Brightspot's industry-leading CMS includes powerful authoring tools, flexible workflows, translation tools and more—making it a breeze to manage one site, or many.
Integration ready
Brightspot acts as a bridge, connecting content to business-critical systems and data. It's built to integrate and extend, with a multitude of pre-built integrations that accelerate time-to-value.
Purposeful partnership
The Brightspot team starts working with customers and partners from day one to build enduring relationships that drive better, faster and more meaningful results.
It's a Ferrari of a system. Brightspot has an incredibly fast, sleek front end, and the back end is intuitive, simple and effective. Basically, it helps us publish faster.
Mike Schmidt
Director of Multimedia, National Geographic
Brightspot CMS case study: National Geographic
The content tools editorial teams want
A customer once told us she felt like we had crawled inside an editor's head to build our CMS. It's still our favorite compliment and speaks to what we think makes our CMS the best option out there.

Brightspot for Editors
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graphic of digital publishing professional
Brightspot supports a wide array of built-in content types and allows customers to create their own custom types to support unique use cases—both through the CMS itself as well as in code.
Designed to be an editor's best friend, the Brightspot rich-text editor includes a standard WYSIWYG interface and advanced tools, from formatting to robust track changes and collaboration features.
Preview gives users a view of how content will appear on the front end, directly from the CMS. Better still, it's designed to work with any front-end approach—including headless.

Inside the editor's CMS toolkit

Brightspot CMS includes robust content creation tools that will quickly become any publisher's most trusted tool. From permalink, redirect and vanity URL management to full version history, here's a look at some of our users' favorite features.

Content workflow tools

Brightspot's asset authoring bar puts tools in the right context for users. Start with preview and save, move content through a workflow, schedule for future publish or publish live now.
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URL management

Brightspot CMS supports auto URL creation, plus 1:1 redirects on any asset. Need to sunset content? Easily handle vanity redirects and wildcards right from the CMS.
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Full version history

Brightspot CMS includes full version history on any asset. Instantly roll back to a previous version, compare differences between two versions and name versions to keep track of critical updates.
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Post-publish tools

Brightspot's asset-level actions menu helps users quickly do more with content—create new, copy, create shortcuts, initiate translations, manage to-dos and place assets onto landing pages. Right from the asset.
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Brightspot is the piece of software sitting between every system we have. It is the digital brain of Univision.
Clarence Kwei
Vice President of Products, Univision
Univision screenshot
The flexibility developers need
Brightspot's architecture is based on these four core tenets: easy to develop on, easy to operate, easy to troubleshoot, and easy to change.

Brightspot for Developers
image showing Brightspot's Dari schema
Graphic of a digital leader professional
GraphQL is a query language that connects programming APIs and headless CMS implementations. And it enables two of the most important factors in content development: speed and flexibility.
Dari means "bridge" in Korean, and the name is apt: For Brightspot, Dari is an abstraction layer bridging the gap between the underlying technology and teams who use it.
Brightspot's API-first approach gives teams the ultimate flexibility without having to compromise on how the solution is implemented on the back end.

Inside the developer's CMS toolkit

Brightspot's extensible architecture is designed to be flexible and fast—with built-in debugging tools, APIs and more, all designed to save development teams time and money.

Dari type system

Brightspot's Dari type system handles in-memory representation of any data type used in Brightspot. This data is typically derived from Java classes but can be from other sources.
Brightspot CMS screenshot


Brightspot offers a wide array of APIs, including APIs for managing data (Content Management APIs) and for delivering data to the front end (Content Delivery APIs).
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Debugging tools

While developers can access the data directly in SQL or whatever database they're using, we also provide an interface where they can query the data using the syntax that they'd use with the DAL APIs.
Brightspot CMS screenshot

Brightspot Styleguide

Styleguide is a Node.js application that's been preconfigured to work with the Brightspot Content Delivery APIs. It can be run independently from Brightspot, and builds a theme bundle that can be uploaded to Brightspot to fully power the front end.
Brightspot CMS screenshot

Integration spotlight

Brightspot CMS is designed to be integration-ready—built to integrate seamlessly with proprietary or third-party data sources. Some of our most popular integrations are featured below. See something missing? Reach out—we love building new integrations.
icon illustrating Brightspot CMS platform benefits
Supported integrations: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Comscore and more.
Shopping cart icon
Entitlements and eCommerce 
Supported integrations: Zephr, Stripe, Shopify, Piano, Pelcro, Dynamic Yield, Zuora and others.
intranet benefits icon
Supported integrations: Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pardot, Optimizely, Tealium, Drift and more.
Personalization tools graphic
SEO and social
Supported integrations: Semrush, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr,, Gigya and more.
Paper Plane icon
Email service providers
Supported integrations: Mailchimp, Sailthru, ExactTarget, CheetahMail, Listrak, Mailgun and more.
Target icon
Supported integrations: Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, Outbrain, Polar and more.
Monitor video icon
Video providers
Supported integrations: YouTube, Amazon Elemental, Vimeo, Brightcove, JW Player, Kaltura, The Platform and more.
Atom icon
Supported integrations: Google Vision, AWS Comprehend, AWS Rekognition, AWS Transcribe, and more.

Additional Brightspot features

content types features icon
Robust content types
Launch quickly with an array of built-in content types, including articles, pages and galleries. Or create your own, both through the CMS itself as well as in code.
Icon of high powered search
Search and integrated search
Users can access search anywhere in the CMS to locate content. Integrated search gives you the ability to search for content in external libraries.
Browser icon
Multisite support
Run multiple sites—each with a different front-end look and feel—from a single CMS. Manage content across many properties, sharing content based on business rules.
Webpage icon
Theme management
Teams can easily control the look and feel of a site’s front end, plus update a front-end theme via simple upload—no code deployment required.
Icon of User and Role Management
Users, roles and permissions
A granular permission system allows admins to create custom roles that set site-, tool- and content-level permissions for all users.
Help icon
In-context help
Content creation changes over time. CMS Production Guides are designed to eliminate confusion by putting answers at users’ fingertips.
icon showing Brightspot Media Desk benefits for digital asset management
Embedded DAM
Your traditional DAM assets—images, videos and documents—are first-class CMS assets, allowing users to search, upload, edit and reuse assets all from one platform.
Translate icon
Translation management
Benefit from manual and machine translation workflows, including pre-built integrations with Google Translate and Lingotek.
Pie chart icon
Built-in analytics
Understand performance with built-in content analytics, plus track session and event metrics from Google Analytics on your CMS dashboard.
Workflow engine
Drag-and-draw workflows allow users to create custom workflows—including configurable statuses and transitions—and apply them to sites and content types.
Note with Pencil icon
Built-in planning tools
Collaborate together with tools for pitching ideas, sharing feedback and creating assignments around content ideas for your site.
Personalization tools graphic
Audience segmentation
Deliver the right message at the right time to the right users by creating targeted content variations that can be customized by device, user intent and more.
Four squares icon
Flexible dashboards
Create dashboards globally, by site, by role or by user, empowering teams to put the most relevant content and tools right where they’re needed most.
Alarm icon
To keep content moving through its production cycle, activate a variety of configurable notifications designed to keep users up-to-date on the info they need most.
group of four users icon
Viewers and locking
Viewers and locking capabilities allow users to work side-by-side throughout an asset's creation, as well as post-publish, without delay or interference.
Chats Circle icon
A major part of collaboration is communication—which is why each asset in your CMS includes a dedicated Conversation widget.
Shield icon
Secure access to your CMS through integrations with leading IDPs, including OneLogin and Active Directory, as well as two-factor authentication.
Text T icon
Brightspot is designed with accessibility and usability for all users in mind, and the CMS is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

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