Designed for high-volume publishers seeking to rapidly build, deploy and maintain enterprise-grade experiences. Brightspot makes replatforming a breeze, delivering the richest of rich text editors, powerful personalization capabilities and an intuitive user interface that speeds up content from creator to consumer.

Naturally Decoupled & Headless
Rapid Content & Site Creation
Editor-Controlled Workflows
Powerful Admin Tools
Developed as a result of the insights and experiences gained from launching hundreds of websites for some of the world’s largest companies, Readymade is an out-of-the-box platform that combines enterprise power with publishing speed. It allows publishers to take their digital experiences to the next level with rapid deployments, a best-in-class UX, the ability to publish to more channels faster and a reduced reliance on your IT department.

Existing Library of Components
Flexible Front-End Themes
Customizable Templates
Scalable Infrastructure
Most creators struggle to find the digital asset they need when they need it. The result: underutilized assets, wasted money, and publication delays. Mediadesk, powered by flat search, makes it easier to find and use your digital assets. Stop seeking, start living.

Automated Content Tagging
Contextual Search
Prebuilt Connectors & APIs
Digital Rights Management Support
Product Use Cases
Built for large editorial teams with frequent, rapid publishing requirements, Brightspot offers a rich text editor, flexible workflows and content syndication to make it easier to get news to readers quickly.
For brands seeking to tell meaningful stories and connect with audiences worldwide in a more authentic way. A corporate communications team can blog, create sustainability reports and capture the heart and soul of the company.
For companies seeking to centrally manage multiple sites across their brand portfolios, Brightspot enables rapid site creation. Maintain brand consistency while enabling creative freedom.
For companies serving content in local languages, Brightspot enables you to create and present content in multiple languages, customize content per region, and easily manage globally distributed teams.
For multimedia companies seeking to publish video content to any device. Give editors the ability to create and distribute OTT content in a TV-like video experience personalized for your audience.
For organizations looking to increase efficiencies across their digital assets, Brightspot makes it simple to view, edit and manage all of your assets. Don't repurchase content, repurpose it.
For publishers seeking front-end freedom of choice, Brightspot delivers. Naturally headless or decoupled, Brightspot ensures your content can be distributed to any device to support current and emerging distribution channels.
For creators seeking to integrate print and digital publications, manage multiple newsletters or content packages, and syndicate easily across partner channels.
Get in the fast lane. With Brightspot.