Create custom workflows around your publishing process

Workflows are critical to content production. Brightspot's workflow system empowers editors and admin users to create business-specific workflows around content creation—all without the help of a developer. By establishing easy-to-follow workflows, editors take greater control of the editorial process.

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Workflows for your custom publishing process

In the above demo, we show you just how quickly and easily workflows can be set up. In many systems, taking such actions would require IT support, but that’s not the case with the Brightspot platform.

In the Workflow section of the Brightspot dashboard, an admin or editor with rights has the option to set up multiple, separate workflows for any of the sites they manage. A diagram appears on the dashboard, illustrating the flow of each one you create or adjust. All of this is exposed to Brightspot’s permissions system, so you can control who has rights to perform specific tasks within each step of the workflow.

By following intuitive workflows, with actions such as “review,” “reject,” “publish,” etc., everyone involved in the editorial process is able to take greater control and efficiency is optimized.


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