How to create permalinks and manage redirects

Brightspot’s built-in taxonomy settings allow for the pre-populating of permalinks for efficient site organization and URL construction. URLs can be directly configured from any type of content, and redirects can be made on the fly. Our platform allows editors and admins to make all of these changes themselves—no IT intervention required.

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Inside Brightspot: How to create permalinks and manage redirects

The video above explores URLs in Brightspot, specifically what you get out-of-the-box in terms of permalinks, redirects and vanity URL redirects—all of which you can access directly from Brightspot as an admin user. And the best part? These actions don’t require filing a ticket with IT and waiting weeks for a resolution.

For starters, the Brightspot Content Business Platform keeps the content on your site well-organized by auto-creating permalinks. Working in an article template, when you enter a headline, the URLs widget automatically generates a permalink—no need to retype your headline, including a hyphen between each word, because Brightspot has already done that for you. At the same time, if you want your URL to be different from your headline, you can adjust that yourself in the slug field. A taxonomy structure is built into Brightspot, which allows you to associate a section with your article, and will in turn automatically update your permalink.

Now, let’s say you published an article, but once it goes live, you realize you had a typo in your headline—which means your permalink has a typo, as well. Within the dashboard’s URLs widget, you have the option to correct the error and permanently redirect the link.

Vanity URL redirects are an ideal solution when you have content on your site that was great at one point but is currently feeling stale. Brightspot gives you the option to bulk publish multiple URLs, all in one place, that will automatically redirect to a different destination. In doing this, if someone ever goes back to an old URL they had once bookmarked but is no longer available, they’ll end up on a page with actual content vs. on a 404 error page. This is especially helpful for your Google rankings, which can be affected when you’re sunsetting old content.


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