Limit distractions with the rich text editor’s Zen Mode

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At Brightspot, we built our content business platform to adapt to the way publishers and editors work. We work with our customers to develop better ways to publish rather than expecting them to learn how to work within our tool. We want publishing teams to enjoy their publishing experience from the very first touch.

Working in the offices and newsrooms of some of the world's biggest corporate brands and media companies, we learned first-hand what delights editors. It's what guides many of the features in our Rich Text Editor (RTE). When we saw editors craning their necks while working in a small RTE field and jumping back and forth between their text editor and the CMS, we knew there was room for improving the publishing experience. We realized that a full-screen experience with more functionality would reduce clutter and allow editors to focus on writing or editing without distraction. We added features like version comparison and in-line commenting, then really moved the needle with full-screen "Zen" mode

A view of the Brightspot rich text editor

Zen mode is a full-screen RTE option that replicates a word processing experience like Word or Google Docs. With a single click, users get a clean writing pad without seeing the publishing user interface that takes up valuable screen real estate. In Zen mode, the necessary navigation and widgets that make Brightspot such a powerful platform are hidden, as the experience morphs into a pure editorial canvas for editors to create content without distraction. All of the rich text features, embedded media options and styling are still available to the editor, minimally displayed across the top to provide a full editorial suite of tools.

When editors are finished with their copy, a simple close of the full-screen mode brings them back to the fully integrated experience, and all of the powerful tools Brightspot offers are once again at their fingertips.

The "zen mode" experience in Brightspot's rich text editor

With Brightspot, the best of both worlds come together to foster the creation of great editorial content: powerful publishing and workflows, right alongside a classic, uncluttered word processing-style interface.

To learn more about the Zen mode and other features that distinguish Brightspot’s RTE, read What Savvy Editors Can Expect From a Rich Text Editor.


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