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What is Ops Desk?

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Ops Desk simplifies the management of cloud architectures and the content challenges for its customers.

What’s the business pain point we address?

Cloud computing is the standard when it comes to hosting anything these days; it allows companies to scale quickly by spinning up different servers and secure data by decentralizing an organization's data storage. The number of benefits can go on and on for cloud computing, but with an increase of cloud resources and events happening within those clouds, the ability to manage high-availability, publicly accessible cloud architectures becomes more difficult.

How does Ops Desk approach this problem?

Ops Desk makes managing cloud architecture simpler by consolidating disparate services under one user interface, providing search capabilities to navigate through the different cloud events, enabling the organization of information by project, and allowing engineers to add metadata to incidents. This gives them a single place to quickly review their cloud events, document and define the root cause of an incident, and report back on those incidents to develop intelligence or see patterns happening within their cloud.

Key features and benefits:

  • Single pane of glass - Engineers now can see all the happenings within their cloud in one location, helping them connect the dots.
  • Unlimited projects - Track as many projects or cloud accounts as needed through Ops Desk.
  • Global dashboards - Review at a glance what is happening cross the cloud immediately upon log in, with quick access to project-specific information or greater detail of the event/incident in question. 
  • Metadata tagging - Define the root cause of an incident and add notes and configurable tags for who or what caused the issue. 
  • Powerful search functions - Quickly find and review the specific events in question by using our search and filter functions. 
  • Export to reports - Extract information from Ops Desk to answer questions by upper management on outages or cloud performance.

What is the main benefit to cloud teams?

Ops Desk takes an organization's existing infrastructure and consolidates everything into a single user experience, making cloud teams more efficient, building up intelligence and metadata to quickly reconcile incidents, and establishing a single pane of glass through which everyone can achieve a common view. Ops Desk provides the tools needed in order to successfully manage high-availability, publicly accessible cloud architectures.


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