Quick and easy page publishing

Brightspot makes publishing pages easy by showing you a side-by-side preview of your changes in real time. Virtually any user can publish a page with little to no training and with no help from IT. You can reorder modules with a drag-and-drop interface, create modules dynamically based on metadata and content filters, add a carousel for trending content and more.

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Inside Brightspot: Quick and easy page publishing

In the short demo above, we show you just how quick and easy it is to publish a page on Brightspot.

If an editor needs to, for example, add a new carousel to a page, there’s no need to enlist the help of developers. Instead, Brightspot empowers editors to quickly make changes like that on their own—all from within the dashboard. Simply click to add content, select the module type/format you’d like, and then preview how it will look in real time. In addition, you can drag and drop your new module to where you’d like it to live on the page. Once you’re pleased with the changes you’ve made, simply hit publish, and the updates will immediately appear on your site’s front end. Publishing doesn’t get much simpler than that.

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