Two ways to customize your view of the CMS

Brightspot is a very flexible CMS, both in terms of styling and method of access. You can customize the CMS to match your brand’s color palette and add your logo, as well as choose from a compact vs. zoomed-out view. The CMS is fully responsive, meaning it works well on different types of devices and at different breakpoints.

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Inside Brightspot: How to customize your view of the Brightspot CMS

The above demo walks you through two features of Brightspot that make it a very flexible CMS: 1) the ability to customize and create your own color scheme; 2) the ability to resize the CMS at different breakpoints. What’s more, these customization features require no development support. Instead, they’re available out of the box.

To customize the CMS using new colors—perhaps to have it match your company’s color scheme—simply click on the paintbrush icon. From here, the color menu appears, showing you the variety of options available. You can adjust the colors and tones of the background, the header, the outlines, the accents, the menu, the lines on the widgets, the dominant colors, etc.

The other feature explored in the demo involves how you can work with the Brightspot CMS at multiple breakpoints. From the full-size/laptop view, you can resize the screen to see the tablet view and then the mobile view. You’ll see that nothing breaks—all the widgets simply collapse and stack on top of each other, leaving you access to your tabs, settings, filters, search, etc. What’s more, you can access the CMS with the same URLs you’re accustomed to using, and there’s no need to download a special app. Simply put, the CMS just works, regardless of the breakpoint.

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