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Brightspot empowers users to make modifications that will affect the front-end display of their website. Brightspot Ready Made comes with out-of-the box themes that include predefined modules to change the look and feel of pages without IT resources. Users can further customize a theme by changing primary and secondary colors, typography style and color, as well as background colors on the header and footer. Global theme changes can be previewed in real time, reset individually or canceled entirely.

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Ready Made Themes: Update your site front-end

The demo above explores the various ways Brightspot enables action at the user-level to make modifications to the front end of their site—whether it’s at the module level or the site level.

The Ready Made product offers multiple out-of-the-box themes that give you the ability to change the look and feel of your website. Within the publishing experience, an admin user can swap out images, drag and drop the modules to appear in a different order, adjust list styles and promo styles, or select an entirely new pre-built template. Meanwhile, the live preview within the CMS shows you exactly what the front end will look like once you publish your changes.

You also have the option to make front-end changes to your site at a global level. To implement site-wide adjustments, an admin user will navigate to the Brightspot Theme Manager. Here, you can make changes to the overall theme by adjusting the primary color, switching the typography and updating the header. Again, the live preview indicates exactly how the front end will appear.

As the demo illustrates, there’s no shortage of ways you can change the way your pages look by adjusting the pre-built modules or making site-wide changes to Ready Made’s out-of-the-box themes.

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