Why integrating translation engine is so easy to extend with Brightspot

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When your company needs to produce unique, content-rich digital experiences for audiences across the globe, you’re in charge of finding a content business platform that comes equipped with the translation capabilities to support that.

But the capabilities aren’t enough because, as a technical leader, you’re more focused on how easily you can extend the platform to integrate with the host of translation service providers out there. This can be difficult—but not if you’re working with Brightspot.

By Brightspot Staff
May 31, 2019
In just a few clicks, your content can be instantly translated to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish. See this Brightspot feature in action.
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When it comes to translations, Brightspot is designed to do the heavy lifting for both your editorial teams and your engineering teams.

  • Editorial teams can work easily within the UI and translate content through many different methods to optimize storytelling for a global audience.
  • Engineering teams can easily turn on translation integrations to enable editorial teams. Or, with or without the Brightspot team, engineers can easily integrate with other translation service providers.

Choosing your translation adventure

We think about translation a lot like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book because there are many avenues a customer can select from to get content from Language A to Language B. These choices include manual (or human) translation, and automatic (or machine) translation, or some combination of both manual and automatic.

Brightspot offers our customers all of those translation capabilities, and once enabled, we automatically manage the translation process, too. That means there’s nothing extra you or your engineers have to do in order to make ends meet.

In case you’re curious, you can also learn more about the editorial UI and why we built our powerful translation capabilities the way we did, but for now, let’s review the options we offer.

Adventure 1: Manual translation

If your editorial team is small—and if the number of languages that content needs to be translated into is also small—the team may want to use manual translation. The process of manual translation is exactly what it sounds like—a human being manually takes the content in the starting language, and rewrites it in the desired language.

While Brightspot doesn’t hinder manual translation, our deeper translation capabilities delegate to a third-party service and help your editorial teams save time while better serving their audiences.

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How to seamlessly translate content within Brightspot

Adventure 2: Machine translation

A more scalable approach to translation is machine translation, or rather leveraging a service to execute the work of translating words from one language to another. To support this, Brightspot has out-of-the-box integrations with AWS Translate and Google Translate. All that’s required is a simple flip of the switch (which we can do, or you can do—your choice!), and your editorial teams can use these features.

Adventure 3: Translation services

Brightspot also easily integrates with other third parties like Lingotek and World Server. These fully fledged Translation Management Systems are full products, and not just an API (like AWS and Google).

Brightspot sends over the original content, which is translated by human translators, and then Brightspot brings it back to your editorial teams. This is a great option if your editorial teams don’t want to rely on machine translation to meet their needs.

Adventure 4: Mix and match

Brightspot was built to be extensible, and should your company need to use a combination of machine translation and Translation Management Systems, Brightspot makes this possible. Maybe you want machine translation from Google to translate content 80% of the way done, and finish the last 20% manually or using a Translation Management Service. You have that freedom—and you have us to handle the configuration.

Localization matters

In addition to our translation capabilities, Brightspot maintains a Localization Database to help ensure that languages aren’t only being translated—but that they’re being translated in a way that makes sense to your audience.

A World of translation integrations

There are many translation services out there. If there’s one in use in your organization that we haven’t mentioned here, and it has an API, then Brightspot can integrate with it.

As mentioned, Brightspot’s Translation engine is designed to be extensible. Thanks to the root translation plugin, the tooling and UI already exists, meaning integrating with new systems is fairly straightforward and simple.

We know that translating content can be a pain with some content business platforms. Brightspot makes it easy for your editorial teams while taking the burden off of your engineers, simplifying the process for everyone, and allowing you to focus on higher priorities.

Thank you for your interest!
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In just a few clicks, your content can be instantly translated to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish. See this Brightspot feature in action.
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