Brightspot Ready Made for Corporate

Rapidly launch new corporate sites that deliver engaging digital experiences across your global footprint with Brightspot Ready Made. Our out-of-the-box platform includes all the elements required to launch corporate sites quickly, produce content easily and create compelling experiences for all your stakeholders.

We work with some of the largest companies in the world. We understand the role a corporate website serves and the demands that are placed on it. It needs to scale globally, be optimized for every channel, manage content syndication and, above all else, be responsive when direction changes. This is why we created Ready Made for Corporate. Our pre-configured templates and components are the fundamental elements of a corporate website. Our configuration means that you don't need IT involvement. You get only what you need to launch your corporate website and start serving your business.

Roles & Rights

A Swiss Army knife of permission systems lets you define roles and control any task in the CMS. Create roles that will allow your SEO agency access to only the SEO metadata fields. Give freelance writers the ability to upload content to the CMS but not edit it. If you can identify the task, you can define the role.

Permissions can be refined down to the most minute level. That allows you the control to determine field views, dashboards and action-levels for each role. You can even control the content types and sites available to specific roles.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action


Third-party services and providers that you use daily will integrate seamlessly into our CMS.

We are partner agnostic. If you have an API, it’s safe to assume we can integrate it in the CMS. In fact, it’s possible that we already have a built-in integration or have worked with your partner in the past.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

Syndication Options

We make it easy for users to discover your content outside your site via the following: Google AMP for search results, RSS readers and content feeds for affiliate partners.

With Brightspot’s out-of-the-box syndication (APIs/feeds), watch as your content is transformed into a vehicle for promotion and gets your ideas and brand in front of a new and larger audience.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

Multi-Site & Multi-User

Ready Made for Corporate allows you to host multiple sites from a single CMS. There's no limit to the number of users you can allow to have access to your site.

Switching sites is easy and managed from a single access point on your dashboard. There is no reason to log in and out, and no reason to open a new browser tab. We don’t limit you to a restrictive number of users, and we won’t charge you for additional seats.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

Rich Text Editor

Ready Made features a potent set of writing and communication tools engineered to make editors work faster and smarter. Get all the rich text editing tools you would expect (styling, hyperlinks, alignment, bullets, etc.), as well as the ability to embed tables, images, galleries, videos and pull quotes in a single step.

We added more features built around the workflow of today’s publisher. Track changes and commenting directly in the RTE, create publishing workflows customized to your publishing model, set notifications, and communicate with your team via a conversations widget.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

Flexible Page Types

Templates allow you to create your homepage, section pages or other front pages of your site. We know that you get only one chance to make a first impression. That's why we allow you to customize the experience for visitors using our audience capabilities for dynamic personalization.

Curation is not required. Instead, simply create a section and apply that section to an article or any other asset, and your section begins to build itself. You’ll never need to update your press release page again.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action


A flexible template gives you the ability to tell any story.

More than just a headline and a field for copy, our article template includes separate fields for everything you would expect to find in an article: sub-headline, author, tags, sections, SEO titles and descriptions, and more. We created a rich data model with all the metadata a publisher needs to power a rich content site.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action


Take your video storytelling to the next level with a template that makes your video the star but also gives you all the power of our article template.

We put an end to the back-and-forth between your OVP and CMS through an integration with Amazon Elemental. Now publishers can work in just one system. Upload, transcode, edit and publish directly from Ready Made. If you’re still married to your existing OVP, we offer integrations with Kaltura, Vimeo, Brightcove and YouTube.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action


Search is at the core of our editorial experience. Our keyword-driven search is based in Solr, with filters for content type and other metadata associated with it. So, if you’re looking for an article by a specific author, it will take you a total of two clicks to locate it.

If you know how to use Google, you know how to use Brightspot Ready Made. There’s no reason to drill down into an endless folder structure or scour your sitemap to find the content you need. Just search for it.

We also incorporate federated search that allows you to search your external content sources (i.e., Getty images, Dropbox files, etc.) directly through the CMS.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery is an image-based storytelling tool with images, captions and credits, but it also includes fields for a sub-headline, author, rich text editor, tags and SEO title and description.

No need to spend hours researching thousands of plugins to identify one that is stable, won’t break your site and will allow you to do everything you want. We give you the only one that you need—one that’s robust, reliable and saves you time. Build a gallery with default captions and credits from the images you upload, or overwrite them as you wish. The biggest time-saver might be our drag-and-drop UI that lets you reorder your images at will.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

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