Brightspot Ready Made for Intranet

Complete with pre-configured templates and components to engage your workforce and increase productivity, Ready Made integrates seamlessly with your existing and evolving technology stack.

Ready Made for Intranet solution is complete with pre-built component libraries, powerful migration tools and an easy-to-learn publishing platform. Brightspot’s API-first architecture ensures interoperability with your existing and evolving technology stack and requires little from your IT department. Deploy in weeks, not months, to engage your workforce and increase productivity for your team.

Authentication and Single Sign-On

Ready Made for Intranet offers easy authentication with your existing systems, whether your IT department uses Active Directory, SAML, LDAP or another system.

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Employee Profiles

Ready Made for Intranet provides the ability to create comprehensive profiles for your employees.

Our employee profile template goes far beyond first name, last name and email address. You have the ability to assign titles, roles, biographies and social links. Plus, Brightspot for Intranet includes built-in support for location and employee groups so you can organize your staff geographically and by organization.

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Personalization and Permissions

Dynamically customize your intranet experience for employees based on their location, job function, tenure and other factors.

Your employees are unique—and their Intranet experience should be uniquely personalized to their place in the organization. Create roles directly in the Brightspot Content Business Platform, or leverage attributes from profiles in your existing authentication set-up.

An intranet isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Use defined personalization modules to serve content that applies only to specific employee audiences. Remind new hires to enroll in benefits programs, notify regional employees of a weather-related office closure, or allow your accounting department to let business travelers know that their expense accounts have been approved.

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Corporate Content Types

An intranet contains assets that a website does not. In addition to articles, images and videos, Ready Made for Intranet allows you to upload and store documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other corporate collateral.

Ready Made for Intranet does more than store your corporate content. It has an added technology that "reads" the content and indexes them so they're easily discoverable through site search.

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Commenting and User-Generated Content

In addition to a resource site, an intranet is a communication portal between the company and its employees. Because of that, we give employees the ability to comment on content. UGC functionality means that employees can submit their own content (copy, images and videos) and site managers can moderate that content.

With Ready Made for Intranet, user-generated content is stored as a draft. Site managers can review and, if approved, publish live with one click. There is no copying and pasting from one system into another. The moderation features ensure that nothing goes live until it's reviewed and approved.

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Third-party services and providers that you use daily will integrate seamlessly into Brightspot Ready Made for Intranet.

We are partner agnostic. Authentication managers, corporate calendars and event registration tools are just a few sample integrations available in Ready Made for Intranet. If you have an API, it’s safe to assume we can integrate it in the Brightspot Content Business Platform. In fact, it’s possible that we already have a built-in integration or have worked with your partner in the past.

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Search is at the core of our editorial experience. Our keyword-driven search is based in Solr, with filters for content type and other metadata associated with it. So, if you’re looking for an article by a specific author, it will take you a total of two clicks to locate it.

If you know how to use Google, you know how to use Brightspot Ready Made. There’s no reason to drill down into an endless folder structure or scour your sitemap to find the content you need. Just search for it.

We also incorporate federated search that allows you to search your external content sources (i.e., Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, etc.) directly through the Content Business Platform.

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Rich Text Editor

Ready Made features a potent set of writing and communication tools engineered to make editors work faster and smarter. Get all the rich text editing tools you would expect (styling, hyperlinks, alignment, bullets, etc.), as well as the ability to embed tables, images, galleries, videos and pull quotes in a single step.

We added more features built around the workflow of today’s publisher. Track changes and commenting directly in the RTE, create publishing workflows customized to your publishing model, set notifications, and communicate with your team via a conversations widget.

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Storytelling Templates

Flexible templates—article, listicle, gallery, quiz and live blog—give you the ability to tell every story imaginable.

More than just a headline and a field for copy, our article template includes separate fields for everything you would expect to find in an article: sub-headline, author, tags, sections, SEO titles and descriptions, and more. Each asset includes a rich data model with all the metadata a publisher needs to power a rich content site.

Ready Made for Intranet also puts an end to the back-and-forth between your OVP and CMS through an integration with Amazon Elemental. Now publishers can work in just one system. Upload, transcode, edit and publish directly from Ready Made. If you’re still married to your existing OVP, we offer integrations with Kaltura, Vimeo, Brightcove and YouTube.

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Flexible Page Types

Templates allow you to create your homepage, section pages or other front pages of your site. We know that you get only one chance to make a first impression. That's why we allow you to customize the experience for visitors using our audience capabilities for dynamic personalization.

Curation is not required. Simply create a section and apply that section to an article or any other asset, and your section begins to build itself. You’ll never need to update your tag pages again.

Screenshot of the Brightspot Content Business Platform in action

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