Inside Brightspot: Build site sections dynamically

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Inside Brightspot: Build site sections dynamically

Brightspot cuts down on the time required to manually publish content to your website. When you publish an article once in the CMS, with just the click of a button, you can have it dynamically populate multiple pages on the front end of your site. This greatly reduces the publishing burden placed on content creators who need to disperse new content across several sections of a site.

The above demo highlights the speed of Brightspot by walking you through how to publish an article one time in the platform and have it dynamically populate multiple pages on the front end of your website.

From the Quick Start widget in the Brightspot dashboard, you can start to create an article by clicking the “Article” icon.

One quick side note before continuing: Over the years of working with clients, we’ve learned that editors and reporters are dedicated to using their word processing software of choice. So when it’s time to publish in Brightspot, whether you penned your original work in Word, Dropbox Paper or a Google Doc, we try to make the copy-and-paste process as seamless as possible.

Now, as you build out your article, Brightspot’s preview functionality allows you to see (in real time) exactly how the front-end experience will ultimately look.

Once you’ve built out an article—complete with byline, headline, sub-head, body copy and images—you’re ready to publish. But let’s say you want this article to appear in a variety of places, perhaps on the homepage, multiple sections, etc. Before publishing, simply assign the article to the sections and tags where you’d like it to appear. Once they’re selected, hit publish, and the article will instantaneously appear in each of those spots.

As our clients have reported back to us, having this capacity to dynamically populate multiple pages is a tremendous timesaving resource for writers, editors and other content creators.

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