Save time with the Brightspot quick start widget

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Save time with the Brightspot quick start widget

With the Quick Start widget, you can pin the content types and assets you use most often to the front and center of your dashboard. Whether it’s articles, sections or a link to the homepage, you have editorial control over what shows up in the widget. And if there are content types you rarely use, you have the option to hide them from your dashboard.

The demo above explores Brightspot’s Quick Start widget, a shortcut feature that’s intended to save you time in your editorial workflow.

The Quick Start widget appears front and center on the main Brightspot dashboard. There are a couple things to first note about the Quick Start widget: You have templates that you can click on to create new content (you can select an article or an author, for example); you can also pin the actual homepage to the top corner of your dashboard. The idea is that you have a range of options right at the top of your screen, allowing you to access content types very quickly and choose exactly what appears in the widget.

By clicking on the gear widget in the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard, you can hide certain content types that you don’t need (for example, blog posts, attachments, etc.). Here, you can also add other existing content (for example, an article you’ve been working on). Once these changes are saved, they will be reflected on your dashboard.

In addition, you can select which options show up in your content menu in the first place by updating your Site Settings and selecting specifics from within the Dashboard’s Common Site Settings.

We hope this walkthrough has helped you understand how the Quick Start Widget allows you to pin your most-used content to the front and center of your dashboard.

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