What the Brightspot CMS for Government means to your stakeholders

Aerial photograph of the United States Capitol and the Federal Triangle in Washington, D.C.

Brightspot CMS is an out-of-the-box CMS solution for modern, compliant government websites. Purpose-built for government, with U.S. Web Design System templates that are compliant with the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act and Section 508, the Brightspot platform empowers federal agencies to rapidly build and launch compliant digital experiences. Created by leveraging our experiences launching websites for some of the world’s largest companies, Brightspot brings commercial best practices to the government sector.

Brightspot is a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Network.

Benefits for every part of your website ecosystem
Brightspot benefits every part of your website ecosystem. Government users get a platform built by publishers and developers resulting in an intuitive and functional experience tailored to how you work. Automation tools eliminate manual tasks for developers, reduce mistakes, and speed migration, allowing you to get to market faster. The outcome is a platform with a high return on investment.

Empowering CMS users
Brightspot removes technology roadblocks so that publishers can focus on content and publishing. Our editing experience, powered by real-time search, is intuitive with powerful best in class editing tools and the users and roles systems allow for contextual experiences, personalized for your users at all levels. All this makes it easy to supports the omni-channel journey with unique experiences tailored to each and every device.

Benefits for CMS users:

  • Publisher Informed, Publisher Focused Interface
  • Integrate, extend, and enhance all your important systems
  • Workflow Engine enables teams to create real-time custom workflows
  • Supports the omnichannel customer journey

Reducing administration for developers/IT
Flexible, fast and without compromise. Brightspot truly becomes your platform. You can extend it with your business logic and workflow because Brightspot is designed to grow with your agency.

Benefits for IT/developers:

  • Built-in query tool, persistence API and debugging tools
  • Automatic database management, automatic application UI and auto-generated APIs
  • Front-end agnostic, enabling headless or de-coupled architecture via GraphQL
  • IDEA Act compliant plug and play integrations pre-built for the platform

Internal staff
Brightspot offers a complete with pre-built component libraries, powerful migration tools and an easy-to-learn publishing platform that fosters internal communication. Deploy in weeks, not months, to engage your agency employees and increase productivity for your team.

Benefits for internal stakeholders:

  • Personalization and Permissions
  • Employee Profiles
  • Secure Internal Communications
  • Authentication and Single Sign-On

Citizen engagement
A citizen journey is typically comprised of multiple interactions while completing a multistage process. Users expect their interactions with government sites to be similar to the private sector.

Benefits for citizens:

  • Easy navigation and access to information
  • Increased participation/interaction with government
  • Comparable experience to private-sector websites

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