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Multisite CMS

Brightspot enables any company to rapidly deploy multiple sites in the same instance. Its multisite CMS capabilities are ideal for companies seeking to centrally manage multiple sites across their brand portfolios. Maintain your brand consistency while reducing the burden on site administrators.

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What’s the multisite business pain point we address?
Many organizations managing a large portfolio of sites often discover that they have an ever-growing publishing stack as a result of individual teams opting for custom solutions or acquisitions that come with new technology. The result is an inefficient publishing process, huge investment in technology, the inability to gain training efficiencies across the globe and lack of brand control over the sites.

How does Brightspot approach the multisite CMS problem?

Brightspot was designed to support every single site a company manages in a single instance.

The platform and people behind it are experts at rapidly consolidating huge site portfolios onto Brightspot, allowing for migration to a new system without delay. Brightspot's ability to present both itself and published content in multiple languages, its ability to share roles and rights between sites and publisher informed interface allow all teams to leverage the Brightspot CMS to the fullest for efficient content operations.

Inside Brightspot: Multisite overview

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What is the main benefit to the multisite CMS user?
Publish more efficiently, have content distributed on sites around the world in their native languages all while maintaining a consistent brand. Organizations see enormous cost savings when consolidating multiple publishing tools onto Brightspot and can deploy more efficient global training programs.

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Multisite CMS: Key features & benefits

Brightspot CMS use case: multisite icon
Unlimited sites
With Brightspot, you can manage unlimited microsites, all of which are managed easily from the same interface within the CMS.
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Translation workflows
Brightspot comes with many out-of-the-box translation services, including Google and Amazon, as well as the ability to work with third-party translation management services like WorldServer and LingoTek—or any others you want to integrate with.
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Custom workflow for each site
Maintain complete control over the content development lifecycle with a visual, easy-to-use content approval workflow that enables editors to oversee each step of the process from submission to publish.
Brightspot CMS use case: multisite icon
Sharing content between sites
Since all sites are managed within Brightspot, you can easily share content from one to another, or to all sites, depending on your requirements, saving teams significant time.
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Built-in SEO tools
Elevate your real-estate in search engine results using Brightspot’s built-in SEO tools, like our SEMRush integration that displays recommended terms to use in your content based on popular search keywords. Once optimized for SEO, Brightspot’s built-in analytics engine helps highlight which content needs tweaking.
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Centralized brand control
Brand owners can create approved templates that offer flexibility into their appearance all while maintaining brand consistency. As the brand evolves and templates change, these updates can be automatically pushed and retroactively applied to ensure all sites maintain the same look and feel.

Multisite CMS: Brightspot customer case studies

In spite of the challenges of a global pandemic, Caracol TV successfully replatforms on Brightspot CMS in just four months.
Learn how we're helping the golf giant effectively scale their business and increase brand consistency with a streamlined multisite content-management system.
Special Olympics wanted to improve their website experience, streamline publishing processes and increase fundraising results. Learn how Brightspot helped them achieve all three.

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