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A look at how Brightspot's products work and solve the content challenges for its customers.

What’s the business pain point we address?
To successfully distribute video, publishers need to encode in multiple formats, store globally to minimize latency, apply DRM protection and have the ability to support a live format; unfortunately, however, many Online Video Providers (OVPs) were not designed to support these requirements and thus hinder publishers' efforts to satisfy their audience.

How does Brightspot approach this problem?
Brightspot was designed to simplify content publishing—and to make it easier to utilize video—in your publishing efforts. For users, creating videos is as simple as publishing any other asset within the platform, including adding or ingesting metadata, tags or custom fields. Support for live video, machine learning and every device type makes it easy to leverage video in your content workflow.

Key features & benefits

  • Upload and ingest directly into Brightspot - Video producers can ingest video directly into Brightspot and manage metadata. When a producer uploads a video, it can be transcoded into multiple renditions for optimal playback across platforms like Connected TVs, Phones and Tablets with MediaConvert.
  • In-line video editing - Features necessary to video producers—such as adding a graphic overlay, trimming down a video and light adjustments like color correction—can be easily accomplished in Brightspot.
  • AI/ML content augmentation - Manual or outsourced processes like transcribing video for closed captions or reviewing videos to tag contextually are eliminated with deep integrations inside of Brightspot.
  • Live streaming - Brightspot supports broadcast-grade video streaming for your 24x7 channel or live events. Our feature set supports real-time encoding of streams and compressing for distribution and delivery to multi-screen devices.
  • Federated search - Find/add all your video assets directly within Brightspot, including YouTube, Vimeo or other OVPs all from within Brightspot’s search.
  • Every device support - Video distributors can encode content into a range of formats allowing the video to be displayed on a desktop, mobile device or even a television, providing an optimal user experience regardless of how they want to consume.
  • Deep integrations - Brightspot integrates with all of the major OVPs, like Brightcove and Kaltura to name a few. Each integration allows for bi-directional sync allowing editors to perform some tasks in Brightspot and have those changes reflected in the OVP.

What is the main benefit to the user?
Better leverage your existing OVP or replace your OVP with Brightspot. Video upload, editing, live streaming and publishing can all be achieved without ever leaving Brightspot.

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