The Brightspot platform integrates AWS Elemental, an Amazon Web Services company that combines video expertise with the power and scale of the cloud to provide flexible software-based video processing and delivery solutions. As a result of this integration, video producers and editors enjoy an intuitive UI and management system for AWS Elemental-hosted videos. What’s more, Brightspot's AWS Elemental integration gives you greater control over your content, allowing you to edit, brand, transcode, tag and distribute your videos across all devices.

The above demo walks you through a Brightspot feature that makes editors’ and video producers’ lives that much easier: our Amazon Elemental integration.

Let’s imagine you’re a video producer, and you’re looking to publish a video to your website. The CMS dashboard has a “Create a Video” button where you add a video by simply dragging and dropping a file. In doing so, the system will begin actually processing the video, resulting in a preview that helps you determine if that’s the video you in fact want.

In the Advanced tab, you’ll find Elemental-specific settings including transcoding, color correcting, overlays, etc. Once you’ve made all your necessary changes, your video is ready to be saved and transcoded by Elemental. Once it’s transcoded, the video can be played back on any of the devices you’ve selected (IOS, Android phones, desktops, connected TV devices, etc.).

From here, you can add a headline, sub-headline, section, tag and URL to your video. Once this metadata is incorporated, simply save your video, view a front-end preview and then publish it to your site.

Learn more about how Brightspot’s integration with AWS Elemental is fueling the evolution of next-gen video publishing in this blog post.

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