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Brightspot and Semji partner to bring cutting-edge SEO tools to content creators

illustration depicting key features for Brightspot and Semji integration partnership

This collaboration integrates AI-powered SEO intelligence into CMS workflows to increase content quality, speed and performance

Digital content producers are under more pressure than ever to deliver content with reach. Semji’s innovative extension connects the dots between content strategy and performance while enabling our CMS users to stay focused and efficient.
Headshot of Sandeep
Sandeep Hulsandra, Chief Strategy Officer, Brightspot

Reston, VA (April 29, 2024) – Brightspot, the leading content management system (CMS), and Semji, an AI-powered SEO solution, have partnered to increase performance and analysis for content teams. With this integration, creators can manage their content in one place while making informed content decisions based on real-time monitoring and performance. This technology partnership further strengthens Brightspot's commitment to empowering modern content teams to deliver high-performing content at scale, enhancing their ability to thrive in today's digital landscape.

“Digital content producers are under more pressure than ever to deliver content with reach,” said Sandeep Hulsandra, Chief Strategy Officer at Brightspot. “Semji’s innovative extension connects the dots between content strategy and performance while enabling our CMS users to stay focused and efficient.”

For creators, the merging of these tools means more effective content proven to increase traffic and conversion all within an interface that allows for real-time action on content opportunities. This partnership empowers content teams to do three times the work, smarter, faster and more effectively by using the power of AI to integrate content creation with informed data. The value of these tools for content teams is immeasurable, including:

  • Rapid publishing: Now creators can craft fully optimized SEO content using Semji’s AI-powered analysis without context-switching out of the Brightspot interface. Harnessing powerful AI capabilities, this partnership empowers copywriting teams to produce highly effective content at remarkable speed.
  • Seamless collaboration: Creators can toggle between Semji tools within the Brightspot interface and easily assign and review content for optimization. Additionally, Brightspot enables the creation of custom workflows to ensure content and SEO teams remain in lockstep throughout the content optimization process. 
  • Enhanced performance: Drive traffic, conversions and revenue with a comprehensive strategy tailored for success using Semji’s Content Score within Brightspot. Creators can now easily identify new and existing areas for improvement and take action in the moment. The partnership makes it easy to identify new keywords, solidify authority and significantly enhance SEO performance all through the ease of one interface.
  • Real-time monitoring: Stay informed about the impact of the changes made by monitoring SEO performance across every website page as well as traffic, conversions and revenue. These new tools empower creators to closely monitor the ROI of their content strategy, backed with data to make informed decisions and optimize for results.  

“The integration of Semji and Brightspot empowers our customers to achieve optimal performance. The process is straightforward, seamless, and enhances user experience significantly,” said Bertrand Girin, CEO of Semji. “Both our teams and our clients are thrilled with this partnership, as it provides a distinct advantage for content creators in a competitive market by elevating the work they’re able to do and the efficacy at which they can do it.”

With this partnership, Semji customers can seamlessly integrate their Semji account to their respective Brightspot CMS instance for real-time insights and analysis via a new Chrome extension. Learn more about the power of AI-led SEO with our Semji integration spotlight here.

About Brightspot

Brightspot has served as the gold standard of content management systems since 2008. Our highly customizable, easy-to-use technology—coupled with our extensive expert support and partner ecosystem—has empowered industry-leading brands to quickly and reliably create and share their content. In Brightspot, customers find not just a platform, but a partner who walks alongside them in their digital content journey.

About Semji

Semji is a premium AI-powered SaaS solution trusted by leading brands all over the world to optimize content production and maximize SEO performance. Born from a desire to provide a new approach to SEO as Google regularly shakes up the rules, Semji leverages advanced natural language generation technology to help ambitious companies supercharge their content and outpace competitors. Learn more at Semji.com.



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