image of Brightspot employee Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Collins

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy drives new product innovations around DevOps automation that help Brightspot and its customers accelerate the process of launching and managing Brightspot. Early in his tenure, Jeremy recognized an opportunity to help developers and operations teams work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver superior software services for Brightspot customers - in less time, with less human resources. This led to the creation of new cloud automation products such as Beam and Gyro, an infrastructure-as-code cloud automation tool. Jeremy's leadership in building the company's strong DevOps culture is a hallmark of how the Brightspot platform and the Delivery Team help every Brightspot customer successfully launch and operate.

When Jeremy joined Brightspot in 2009, he helped create mobile applications for Brightspot. He then served as Chief Information Officer from 2014-16, focusing on operations and security of the infrastructure. In 2018, he followed his passion for building new products, and transitioned to the role of co-CTO.

Jeremy also worked as a Systems Architect at America Online, where he was responsible for core infrastructure components used throughout AOL to drive some of their highest traffic websites, namely and AOL Music. Prior to AOL, Jeremy worked for a financial services start-up where he was responsible for building business-critical software for financial institutions. The platform he built helped financial advisers manage over $6B in assets in sophisticated investment vehicles.

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