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Integration spotlight: YouTube

Brightspot's YouTube integration means you can ingest and locate videos via Brightspot's federated search, and then seamlessly embed videos wherever you need to.

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As the world's most popular video hosting website, YouTube allows users to upload or live stream their own videos to be shared with friends, colleagues, followers and the general public; watch and share others' videos; and enjoy a sense of community with public and private channels.

Brightspot's integration with YouTube can bring this powerful social tool to the fingertips of your publishers. Videos can be pulled directly from YouTube into your CMS, where they can be enhanced with metadata and highlighted on your websites, apps and social media channels.

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Inside Brightspot: Integrated search

With the Brightspot YouTube integration you can:

  • Promote a video from your company's YouTube channel(s)
  • Ingest videos and locate videos via Brightspot's integrated search capabilities
  • Embed videos into articles as an enhancement and customize the associated metadata to meet your editorial needs
Video publishing on a Content Business Platform
The YouTube plugins enable federated searches of YouTube videos directly from the Brightspot search panel. External content retrieved from a third-party repository can optionally be imported into Brightspot and used as any other asset. See for more information.

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