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Integration spotlight: Coral

Elevate audience engagement and content interaction with Coral's advanced commenting platform, tailored for building vibrant communities.

Image of Coral logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS

Coral by Vox Media is a commenting platform designed to help publishers build stronger, more engaged communities around their content. With Coral, commenters can identify journalists in the conversation, mute voices, share discussions, receive notifications and see new comment alerts instantly. Moderators, meanwhile, can facilitate safer, more respectful and more productive discussions. Publishers who use Coral remain the sole owners of their audience data, and user data is never shared or sold without permission. Coral’s open-source, ad-free platform connects to publishers’ existing login systems, and exceeds required GDPR standards.

Coral and Brightspot: How it works

Brightspot's Coral integration supports commenting via an embedded forum on a number of content types, such as articles, blog posts, listicles, live blogs and pages. In the event that a content type has a sponsor associated with it, editors can hide the embedded Coral forum.

Coral and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A pop culture publication with a large readership publishes celebrity-focused features that spark high engagement on social media and in the comments section of the site. Using the Coral Brightspot integration, editors can embed and moderate comment forums, monitoring conversation to identify future content opportunities.
  • A technology website is a trusted source for device and product reviews, generating millions of views and shares of its taste-making opinions. Editors use the Coral commenting feature to extend the reach and shelf life of its reviews, using engagement as a key performance metric.
Brightspot's Coral integration supports commenting via an embedded Coral forum that replaces the layout block at the end of content types like articles, blog posts and listicles.


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