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Integration spotlight: Disqus

Disqus is a versatile commenting platform that helps publishers enhance reader engagement, increase traffic, foster loyalty and monetize content. It provides a user-friendly commenting experience adaptable to site design, supports multiple languages and allows users to incorporate native ads within comments for revenue generation.

Image of Disqus logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS

Disqus is a feature-rich commenting platform with social-network integration, analytics, advanced administration and moderation, spam control and more. The audience engagement plugin helps publishers boost reader engagement, grow traffic, build loyalty and monetize content. The user- and publisher-friendly commenting experience automatically adapts to a site’s design and colors, with several customization options, and supports 70 languages. Disqus users can even place native ads around comments to generate revenue.

Disqus and Brightspot: How it works

Brightspot’s Disqus integration supports commenting via an embedded Disqus forum on a number of content types, including: articles, blog posts, listicles, live blogs and pages.

Note: In the event that a content type has a sponsor associated with it, editors can hide the embedded Disqus forum.

Disqus and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A leading food media outlet publishes a popular series of seasonal recipes via Brightspot, driven by trends and reader feedback. The Disqus integration lets editors spark a conversation with readers, many of whom share their opinions on the recipes and even suggest their own.
  • A music magazine focuses on classic rock, with interviews, profiles, reviews and “best-of” lists. By implementing the Disqus commenting tool, editors are able to maintain a respectful decorum by removing negative and profane commenters, and filtering out spam.
Brightspot's Disqus integration supports commenting via an embedded Disqus forum that can be placed at the end of articles, blog posts and other assets to increase audience engagement and foster community interaction.