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Top 10 benefits of Brightspot for e-commerce companies

Brightspot CMS: fast, flexible, future-proof

The digital experience is ever-changing with new technology and an overload of information at our fingertips. E-commerce businesses need the right tools to drive priorities forward and continually transform as their customers (and the experiences they seek) evolve. Brightspot, with solutions developed specifically to supply e-commerce companies with everything they need to up-level digital experiences for their customers from day one, is here to help.

What is Brightspot?

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot's business-ready CMS allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences in record time, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

How can Brightspot help e-commerce businesses?

For e-commerce organizations in particular, it’s important to both identify the right channels to pursue based on where customers spend most of their time, and then repeat messaging over each of those channels to build customer loyalty. Successful brands tailor their content and messages across these touchpoints to lead customers through the e-commerce journey to make a purchase and drive revenue. 

Being able to deliver content-rich experiences online builds relationships with potential customers in the discovery phase and educates them about their options—this is where Brightspot comes in to support e-commerce businesses.

Brightspot CMS benefits for e-commerce

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Astonishing speed
Speed to market is a high priority for e-commerce brands, as new products continuously launch and consumers crave consistent touchpoints with businesses. Brightspot allows you to launch enterprise-quality digital content experiences at scale in days or weeks, not months or years.

The solution frees up time for your content teams to focus on creating, publishing and syndicating content across various devices and channels to reach customers where they are, including the web, apps, wearables, IoT, in-store and more.
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    Unparalleled publishing experience
    E-commerce brands benefit from personalization plugins, which are especially important for businesses modifying messages as well as look-and-feel across devices for online shoppers to cater to their unique preferences.

    Brightspot empowers publishing teams to manage their own built-in notifications to create a more streamlined, efficient process. It also makes publishing new microsites, landing pages, website sections and other marketing content simple and straightforward.
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      Reduced IT impact
      E-commerce brands need to move quickly and have the ability to adapt as they go to keep up with evolving technologies and new channels that their customers are spending time on.

      Brightspot lessens dependence on IT without compromising the publishing experience, allowing teams to move quickly and remain focused on customers’ wants and needs. Update your site layout, workflows, roles or permissions more easily with Brightspot.
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      Flexible and future-proof
      Flexibility afforded by the ability to create any page for the product they are marketing helps e-commerce brands more easily cater to different brands and market segments they’re targeting.

      Brightspot allows e-commerce organizations to publish modular content across any channel or endpoint—even ones they haven't thought of yet—supporting unique business needs now and in the future. It also provides the option to search keywords that your site visitors are using to find content so you can identify and respond to search trends quickly and connect your users with the right content.

      For the business buyer

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      Accelerate time-to-value with pre-built e-commerce types and layouts
      Leverage e-commerce-specific page layouts and content types out of the box with Brightspot, founded on our experience working with some of the biggest online retailers in the world—from product detail pages to robust search and targeting tools, start publishing, promoting and selling at astonishing speed.
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      Modular and global content capabilities
      Brightspot provides businesses finite control of their content—down to smallest areas of individual elements—in order to be able to distribute based on any device. 

      Modular content capabilities allow e-commerce businesses to create and update once, then publish everywhere, efficiently, which is especially important for companies that target separate consumer market segments and need to customize for different brands and channels.
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      Brightspot provides configurable drag-and-draw workflows to help better control and ease processes across multiple users and team roles within an e-commerce organization, which ultimately helps to create streamlined, consistent touchpoints for the organization’s buyers.
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      Brightspot is grounded in personalization to drive time on site and improve conversion rates, which is key to success for e-commerce businesses.

      For the technical buyer

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      API-first headless flexibility
      Brightspot can support headless use cases by leveraging our GraphQL-powered headless platform to develop against whatever front-end frameworks or applications you choose, giving you the ability to use multiple independent heads connected to specific channels.

      Develop in any language or framework without having to learn proprietary APIs or SDKs and leverage the power and flexibility of the open-source GraphQL API query language. This allows your IT and development teams to become fully fluent in the Brightspot API query language before ever getting started—saving you time-to-value and creating enterprise value by saving expensive developer months.
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      Brightspot takes companies’ complex sets of proprietary data sources, digital experience platforms, enterprise applications and marketing tech software to help bring consistency and ease to back-end management.

      This includes pre-built e-commerce product page content types to facilitate the buying process without tedious modeling and content type creation, and pre-built integrations that allow businesses to directly integrate their leads management platform with point-of-purchase system as well as inventory management systems.


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