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CMS for high-volume publishing

Your publishing business moves at speed—and to succeed, you need to stay ahead of the news and the competition.

This is possible with a robust CMS as your end-to-end solution, giving your publishing teams the tools they need to meet high-volume content demands across digital, print and all syndication channels.

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Real outcomes for customers

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80 million
Digital assets in CMS, including entire print archive
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Daily CMS users driving the political news agenda
Web traffic increase with relaunch on new CMS

High-volume publishing demands the highest quality technology

Brightspot CMS is built by publishers, for publishers—and has been chosen by global publishers such as POLITICO, the Los Angeles Times, U.S. News & World Report, l’Opinion, Forum Communications and more.
With Brightspot, POLITICO has achieved its global ambition: deliver customized content, in real time, to every user on any device. Find out how.
In just five months, Brightspot empowered the editorial team at U.S. News and World Report to develop, publish and syndicate content more easily than ever.
Home to the Los Angeles Times' entire print archive, a bi-directional sync with Brightspot CMS powers the California publisher’s daily newspaper edition.
The Brightspot team has been a true partner. They’ve worked alongside our employees to build, launch, and optimize new product with great efficiency. I can’t imagine doing what we do without them.
Nickey Scarborough
Vice President of Editorial, Healthgrades
Healthcare CMS Customer

The high-volume publishing features you need

The publishing experience for writers and editors needs to easy to use, fast and accessible—no matter the device or location where the story is happening. Teams need to be able to collaborate instantly and continuously. And newsroom editors and print designers need to work in lockstep to ensure content is perfect in every instance.
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Get the insights you’re looking for using built-in content analytics widgets, which pull in information right from Google Analytics.
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Custom workflows
With the click of a button, create workflows that are designed to meet your unique business processes and streamline communication.
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Integrated search
Search from anywhere in the CMS to locate content like videos and images that are housed both in and out of the Brightspot platform.
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Live and shared preview
See how your content looks on any device before you publish with dynamic live preview, plus share and manage links with your stakeholders.
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Scheduled publishing
Ensure your busy editorial teams can get essential information out to readers in a timely fashion with easy-to-use publishing tools.
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Version control
Distribute the most accurate information to your stakeholders with collaborative editing, revisions and full version history of any changes.

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