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Mattress Firm modernizes its digital presence with Brightspot relaunch

Image of Mattress Firm's new modern website.

Mattress Firm’s brick-and-mortar stores are familiar sites to people across America, but like most traditional retailers, the company has sharpened its focus on its digital presence. In an effort to expand their online footprint, Mattress Firm partnered with us at Brightspot to relaunch and the company blog, The Daily Doze.

The Challenge

When our partnership with Mattress Firm began, they were looking for a solution that would help better organize and mature their content creation in order to help educate consumers about buying mattresses. They also sought to increase brand awareness, drive customers via SEO and paid distribution and create opportunities to test new content types and channels.

The Daily Doze blog was a powerful content tool but the back-end management made the front-end a siloed experience. That meant it could be difficult to drive engagement from one topic to the next. In addition, their ability to create new pages on the main site was hampered by the fact that they had to hard-code every new page, meaning they had to engage development resources simply to promote new deals.

The company also needed a solution that would integrate with a wide variety of existing partners, from data to e-commerce. Finally, they were limited in their ability to feature blog content alongside e-commerce promotions on their homepage. This meant they were unable to target top of funnel and middle funnel content to the audiences to whom it was most relevant.

The Solution

After working with Mattress Firm to understand their challenges and goals, we worked to implement a solution that relies on our headless technology. Brightspot’s homepage syndication model allows Mattress Firm to more easily feature relevant content from Daily Doze alongside e-commerce promotions. Our experience with integrations allowed us to fold in the company’s data management and e-commerce partners, so the vital parts of their operation work together without requiring a team of IT experts. Brightspot’s intuitive interface also means certain team members are empowered to set up pages to promote various initiatives, again without help from IT.

Mattress Firm - Daily Doze

Brightspot’s robust tag and taxonomy management capabilities means visitors to The Daily Doze can now more easily find and engage with content that is relevant to them. The blog is no longer distinct from the main site, so navigating from one to the other is a seamless experience. We’re also working with the team at Mattress Firm to further refine their taxonomy and utilize Brightspot’s dynamic publishing to create new content opportunities.

We also partnered with the Mattress Firm team to set up distinct workflows, meaning the right people see the right kinds of content. That allows both for more efficient content creation and avoids wasted steps along the way. Brightspot's permissions settings means the people empowered to create those new pages sans IT are the ones who have the authority to do that. Finally, Brightspot’s flexible templates allow the Mattress Firm teams to surface content in new ways that can drive deeper engagement.

Our work with Mattress Firm continues and we look forward to partnering with them in their mission to provide America the value of a good night's sleep.

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