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While Mattress Firm's brick-and-mortar stores are recognizable to many Americans, the company has recognized the importance of bolstering its digital presence, as have many traditional retailers. To enhance its online footprint, Mattress Firm collaborated with Brightspot to revamp both and its blog, The Daily Doze.

Mattress Firm by the numbers

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Improved conversion rate on top entry page with redesign
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Decrease in bounce rates with deepened user engagement
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Days to launch global "Unjunk Your Sleep" microsite campaign

The Mattress Firm challenge

Mattress Firm, like many other conventional retailers, recognized the significance of strengthening its online presence to extend its reach beyond physical stores. To achieve digital transformation, the company required a solution that could help it better organize and mature its content offerings to educate consumers about purchasing mattresses. The aim was to enhance brand recognition, increase customer traffic through SEO and paid distribution and experiment with new content types and channels.

Additionally, Mattress Firm sought a solution that would integrate with a diverse range of existing partners, from data to e-commerce. Unfortunately, the company was restricted in its ability to feature blog content alongside e-commerce promotions on its homepage, which made it challenging to target top and middle funnel content to the most relevant audience.

The Mattress Firm website is the gateway for our customers into our brand and their experience with our company. And that’s the way we’re trying to treat it—as not just a transactional site but somewhere they can come in and learn, and that’s really where the content to commerce picks up.
Justin Laurenzi, Director of Digital Product & eCommerce, Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm website examples

The Brightspot solution for Mattress Firm

The implementation of a headless strategy, along with a new CMS, has revolutionized Mattress Firm's approach to content-as-commerce. By adopting a homepage syndication model, the company can effortlessly feature relevant content from The Daily Doze alongside e-commerce promotions. An API-first framework has facilitated connections with Mattress Firm's data management and e-commerce partners, enabling critical business components to collaborate with minimal IT involvement. Brightspot's intuitive publishing interface has also empowered content and marketing teams to create pages to promote various initiatives without relying on development resources.

Moreover, Mattress Firm teamed up with Brightspot to completely redesign both and the company blog, The Daily Doze. The firm also recently relaunched, a highly immersive website dedicated to providing tools, resources and advice for achieving a better night's sleep.

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Mattress Firm - Daily Doze landing page

The outcome for Mattress Firm

  • Brightspot’s robust tag and taxonomy management capabilities means visitors to The Daily Doze can now more easily find and engage with content that is most relevant to them
  • Mattress Firm leverages Brightspot's system of custom workflows and permissions to make sure the right people and the right teams get access to the right content, accelerating speed-to-publish times.
  • Custom templates and pages allow the Mattress Firm team to build experiences that deepen user engagement—bounce rates decreased 20% following the relaunch—and increase revenue. The team reported seeing double-digit increase in conversion rates on key entry pages following the redesign.
  • The 2020 launch of was accompanied by a mobile app with innovative sleep-tracking capabilities. Although built on an entirely separate code bases, the content featured is produced and hosted in Brightspot.
  • Mattress Firm is no longer hampered by the need for development to support campaign initiatives. Notably, during the lead up to the rescheduled 2020 Toyko Olympics, Mattress Firm ran an "Unjunk Your Sleep" advertising campaign on TV and in print. The microsite to support this large media campaign was designed and delivered in under 10 days.

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