"Value Added: Brightspot builds a reputation as well as web sites" - The Washington Post

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The Washington Post: Brightspot differentiates itself through speed and quality. It clocks its projects at four months on average, which the company claims is a couple of months faster than most of the competition. Leonsis’s Monumental Network Web site came in under 100 days, as did the lifestyle video site called Ulive and a rich-and-famous real estate site called FrontDoor. Both Ulive and FrontDoor were built for Scripps Networks Interactive.

We have been focused on two things. One is making sure the partnership is great. ... If I’m worrying about the dollars, I’m missing the most important thing, he said. Our reputation.
David Gang, CEO, Brightspot

"We just don’t leave, Beaudoin, 44, agreed. We make commitments to companies and we don’t leave."

Gang and Beaudoin have worked on about 50 projects, ranging from $200,000 to $2 million. The Reston company has more than $25 million in revenue. Of that, 12 percent comes from designing the Web sites, 75 percent from building Web sites and 13 percent from keeping them running round the clock.

Brightspot has 77 full-time employees and a dozen contract employees. There is a small team in California and a handful of employees in New York.

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