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We strive to be a bright spot in the lives of our customers, colleagues, and communities by offering the leading industry CMS platform along with best-in-class service. Hear directly from some of our customers and the outcomes they’ve achieved by leveraging Brightspot.
Brightspot is the piece of software sitting between every system we have. It is the digital brain of Univision.
Vice President of Products, Univision
Brightspot CMS case study: Univision
Brightspot has an incredibly fast, sleek front end, and the back end is intuitive, simple and effective. Basically, it helps us publish faster.
Director of Multimedia
Brightspot CMS case study: National Geographic
Brightspot improved the quality of life for our editorial team, who can now manage sites, collaborate, and publish experiences faster and more seamlessly than ever to meet the demands of our audience.
Director of Technology, Televisa Digital
Brightspot CMS case study: Televisa
Brightspot is the Lego set of the CMS world and with it we have the power and flexibility to customize any part of the system to suit our exact needs.
Vice President of Technology
Brightspot CMS case study: Arizent
Brightspot makes it possible for us to serve our audience with the information they crave faster and more easily than ever before.
Chief Digital Officer
Brightspot CMS case study: MediaDC
Brightspot has raised the standard of our digital production.
Director of Digital Platforms and Audience
Sticking with a legacy CMS would have constrained our creativity and undermined our confidence. With a modern CMS like Brightspot, we can move and innovate the way we want now, and in the future.
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy
Brightspot CMS case study: Walmart
We originally partnered with Brightspot to implement an enterprise CMS that delivered high-quality user experience, which was a success. Now, years later, Brightspot is still ensuring our digital properties embody vivid images, powerful search and compelling stories, and that our editorial content integrates with our auction engine to provide a seamless experience for our users.
Vice President, Platform and Application Strategy
Brightspot CMS case study: Sotheby's
Brightspot helps us fulfill the mission of Special Olympics by helping us tell our story and make deep and lasting connections with our donors, athletes and fans from all over the world.
Special Olympics torch relay participants
The Brightspot team has been a true partner. They’ve worked alongside our employees to build, launch, and optimize new products with great efficiency, and the Brightspot platform is a big part of our success. I can’t imagine doing what we do without them.
Vice President, Editorial
Brightspot CMS case study: Healthgrades

More Brightspot business uses

Communicate effectively with your most important audience—your employees—using the same set of tools on which world-class content creators rely to build trust with their customers.
Drive revenue growth with a content management system that treats each of your products as content, enabling you to optimize content-to-commerce opportunities across all touchpoints.
Maintain control and increase efficiencies across all your digital assets, including re-use, version control, rights management and user access.
Distribute important news and messages to the most important stakeholders of your business efficiently.
Connect and engage with sports enthusiasts with real-time scoring and live-event management functionalities on the fast and flexible Brightspot CMS.
Manage your most complex and detailed content in a system that’s built to support varied and unique content types, intricate workflows and specific permissions.

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