Modular content

Modular content lets you create content once and publish across multiple channels, endpoints and wherever you need your content to be consumed. It goes beyond words and images on a webpage, too, providing the capability to deconstruct any digital artifact into a movable building block that can be reused and reorganized any way you need to deliver your message based on target audience, location, language and more. Do more with your content with modular content.

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In this webinar, join us to discuss some of the top content-production challenges and if modular content can be a solution.
This eBook details what modular content is and how it plays a pivotal role in ensuring a positive experience for your current and future audiences and buyers.
If you can offer personalized customer experiences, you’re much more likely to keep and grow your audience. Modular content can help you do just that. Find out more with these insights.

Understanding modular content

What is modular content?

Modular content is the building blocks you use to assemble your final piece of content. In the same way that you can use individual Lego blocks to make a spaceship, you can use individual blocks of modular content to create a bigger piece of content, such as a web page. In this way, reusable modular content helps you:
  1. Develop a trusted library of components and text to use whenever and wherever you need
  2. Deliver content on multiple channels and in variations for different audiences segments
  3. Create content that can be customized to every unique business needs
Modular content is essentially content that has been broken down into smaller sharable modules, enabling fast and easy use across different distribution channels. It is something we have been doing for years at Brightspot.
image of Brightspot employee Dylan Gang
Dylan Gang, Principal Product Manager, Brightspot
Modular content is the building blocks that you use to assemble your final piece of content. So, just like you could use individual Lego blocks to build a tower or a mini replica of a Millennium Falcon, you can use the building blocks of modular content to create a whole piece of content like a webpage.
Lucy Collins headshot
Lucy Collins, Senior Product Manager, Brightspot
Where modular content and segmentation really fit together is that—the modular content acts as a central repository, a single source of truth—that teams can leverage to deliver custom messages to specific audiences. Truly it comes down to creating content once, then publishing it everywhere.
image of Brightspot employee Meredith Rodkey
Meredith Rodkey, SVP Platform Product Management & Solutions, Brightspot
From highly localized content experiences that include translations and audience-specific variations, to deconstructing your content assets into small modular components for better re-use and efficiency, complex content challenges are solvable with the right publishing platform.
With e-commerce demand at an all-time high and marketing budgets at an all-time low, marketers are in need of tools that allow them to do more with less when it comes to scaling their content approach. A modular content approach supports content reuse and optimization.
It’s no secret that personalized content goes a long way when connecting to your target audience. With the ultimate goal of having those connections converted into sales, one key component of personalizing the experience with your audience—and making that sale—is localized content.
A recent Gartner study noted that business leaders need to find strategic ways to cut costs while also funding new growth investments to pull ahead in COVID-19 recovery and outpace the competition. In other words, they need to consider how to reallocate resources to drive sustained cost savings and support future growth.
Developers are responsible for aligning technology to support the mission, strategy and processes of their organization. Here are 10 ways Brightspot CMS empowers and improves the lives of developers.
To get a deeper understanding of what's possible with the right digital marketing strategy, let's dive into segmentation and how it works with modular content to deliver personalized experiences across channels.
A new breed of advanced content management systems are simple and intuitive for end users, but offer a sophistication and flexibility that was simply unimaginable a few years ago. Brightspot’s latest webinar explores these changes and the massive benefits they offer organizations looking to give their audiences convenient, consistent and engaging content at pace.
Today’s digital-content ecosystem feeds a proliferation of devices and channels where end users engage with the information that content producers create.
For Brightspot customers, modular content often means realizing significant time savings while also maintaining more control over the content they push to their digital audiences—no matter the industry.

How modular content works on Brightspot

Step 1: Creation and/or Ingestion
Everything starts at the asset level, be it an image, document, link or other article artifact. Assets can originate from within Brightspot or come from an external source and be mapped to a corresponding asset in Brightspot (and vice versa, back to the source asset).
Step 2: Assembly
Individual assets are built into modular components specific to each business use case. Within the CMS, a Brightspot user can “assemble” modules for use as needed, whether that’s for an on-page list, in an email template or elsewhere.
Step 3: Tracking & Monitoring
Post-publish, the final element of modular content is tracking how the fragments and assembled assets are being used as well as performing. The association to the source asset persists to ensure versioning as well as make it easy to modify, update and maintain any given modules.

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