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Brightspot is naturally multisite and multi-language, with an Assignment Desk tool that makes content creation and collaboration intuitive and flexible.
Publisher-informed and publisher-focused, Brightspot CMS is intuitive and built with you in mind. High-volume content is our specialty.
This is your platform for life. Brightspot CMS scales and extends to deliver on your digital priorities today and all your future content projects.
When an editor uploads a document like a PDF, Brightspot automatically sends that file to be analyzed by Amazon Textract, which leverages machine learning to extract all metadata and text, which Brightspot then exposes on the document object to the search. Find out more in this demo video.
By Chris Smith
Print publishing is still significant for newsrooms, but it presents challenges in a digital age. That's why we integrated Adobe InDesign with Brightspot.
By Roy Ben-Yoseph
After working side by side with well-known brands and corporations, we know the biggest problems companies face with their intranet—and how to tackle them. Here are some key learnings you should know.
By Jenny Sylvers
Brightspot brought together a panel of internal communications experts for a webinar to discuss the CMSWire 2020 Evolution of the Intranet Survey. Here are some of the key takeaways.
By Sandeep Hulsandra
In 2018, as media companies invested in new technology—like AI, AR/VR, OTT, smart speakers and multi-channel publishing platforms—the industry reached new levels.