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Digital Asset Management

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Powered by federated search, Brightspot Media Desk combines a custom front-end and artificial intelligence to provide the ultimate user experience.

What’s the business pain point we address?

Every second, new digital assets are being created, modified and saved. Companies need to access these assets—images, videos and files of all kinds—to create content and communicate with their internal and external audiences. The sheer volume is staggering, and even the most organized teams struggle to maintain an effective digital filing system that scales to meet the priorities of the organization.

By Brightspot Staff, February 08, 2021
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How does Brightspot approach this problem?

Brightspot’s mission is to transform the way business content and digital experiences are created and delivered—and that means simplifying and enabling the most efficient way for organizations to access, store, share and manage their valuable digital assets. In fact, a good digital asset management solution is central to the marketing tech stack.

Brightspot Media Desk is powered by federated search, a custom front-end and artificial intelligence to provide the fastest and best user experience possible.

Key features & benefits

  • Powerful search - Media Desk was built on top of a powerful search engine, making finding, editing, and creating content intuitive and seamless. Media Desk displays all available content appropriate to the object selected, and the fields associated with that content object will adjust depending on the object.
  • Customizable dashboards - Users can create dashboards at a global, role, or user level, bringing the most relevant information to help that user do their daily job front and center.
  • Multi-channel distribution - Package content together, share to thousands of licensed sites and edit/update that content directly within Brightspot Media Desk. Your editorial team can collaborate seamlessly with access to your assets in Media Desk regardless of the site they manage.
  • Integrations - Brightspot was designed integration-ready. It is built to integrate, extend and enhance all your relevant, important enterprise information and systems. Media Desk offers out-of-the box integrations to ensure all components of your marketing tech stack work effectively together.
  • Reporting and analytics - Review performance metrics within Brightspot Media Desk with built-in analytics. Brightspot gives you the ability to view your analytics across personalized dashboards, assets and search performance, where they can be used for queries.

What is the main benefit to the user?

Modern digital asset management solutions like Brightspot Media Desk help content teams move their business forward and easily scale to help achieve digital transformation projects. Companies lose inordinate amounts of time jumping between disparate third-party and local systems to find the asset they need. Brightspot moves the creative process faster, providing the right access to the right digital assets based on permissions, metadata, tags, and unified search functionality.