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CMS for digital newsrooms

Brightspot CMS is built by publishers and developers resulting in an intuitive and functional experience tailored to how newsrooms work. Today, award-winning digital newsrooms rely on Brightspot's powerful publishing platform to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively. Below is a collection of resources to help explain some of Brightspot's features and capabilities that may help your content creation journey.

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What’s the business pain point we address for digital newsrooms?
Editors and journalists waste time creating complicated workarounds for outdated platforms, which ultimately delays publishing timelines.

How does Brightspot CMS solve this problem for digital newsrooms?

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Brightspot’s mission is to transform the way content is created and presented.

Our publisher-informed CMS for digital newsrooms provides systematic order and flexibility to address the complex nature of how work is accomplished. Since Brightspot provides planning tools, built directly into the same CMS you use to create content, all collaborators—internal, external, or ad hoc—are already where they need to be in order to move content from pitch to publish, saving time and increasing efficiency as you do.

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What is the main benefit to the CMS user in a digital newsroom?
Built for large editorial teams with frequent rapid publishing requirements, Brightspot offers a rich text editor, flexible workflows and content syndication to make it easier to get the news to readers quickly.

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CMS for digital newsrooms: Key features & benefits

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Granular roles and rights
Brightspot's Users and Roles systems allow for contextual experiences, personalized for your users at all levels. Fine-tune who can see and edit content, ensuring content operations are efficient and consistent with your goals.
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Brightspot integrates seamlessly with third-party APIs for robust integrations with the publishing experience. Brightspot includes integrations of new and emerging technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence that streamline content creation.
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Custom workflows
Maintain complete control over the content development lifecycle with a visual, easy-to-use content approval workflow that enables editors to oversee each step of the process from submission to publish.
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Native support for photos, video and podcasts
No matter the kind of media, Brightspot supports it—photos, videos, podcasts, audio files, and more.
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Federated search
Import gifs and images from third-party sources like Getty Images or Giphy, all from within Brightspot’s search, using our Federated Search capability.
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Rapid publishing time
With Brightspot’s intuitive data modeling, powerful workflows and much more, editors and their teams save significant time bringing content from idea to publish.
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Headless CMS
Maintain control over how you present your front end to your audiences by using Brightspot's optional headless implementation.
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Onmichannel distribution
Brightspot was built to be flexible and deliver in any use case you may have, whether that’s creating a robust web experience for desktop users, clean mobile experiences for mobile users, or any other format beyond that.
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Language translations
Brightspot comes with many out-of-the-box translation services, including Google and Amazon, as well as the ability to work with third-party translation management services like WorldServer and LingoTek—or any others you want to integrate with.
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Customizable content templates
By local teams or departments, for example, configure content types to focus writing teams only on the most essential fields as they complete their work.

CMS for digital newsrooms: Brightspot CMS customer case studies

With Brightspot, POLITICO has achieved its global ambition: deliver customized content, in real time, to every user on any device. Find out how.
In just five months, Brightspot empowered the editorial team at U.S. News and World Report to develop, publish and syndicate content more easily than ever.
Today, with Brightspot as its backend, Televisa manages nine sites—eight of which are headless—from one CMS. Find out how it works.
Today, with Brightspot as its backend, Televisa manages nine sites—eight of which are headless—from one CMS. Find out how it works.

CMS for digital newsrooms: Related resources

More Brightspot CMS use cases

Tailored applications for your unique use case with 70+ native platform integrations
Brightspot offers a powerful integration-ready solution for the complexity and technology constraints faced by businesses that are dependent on Adobe Experience Manager.
Tell meaningful stories and connect with audiences worldwide in a more authentic way. Create blogs, sustainability reports and capture the heart and soul of the company through storytelling with images and multimedia.
Increase efficiencies across digital assets, Brightspot makes it simple to view, edit and manage all of your assets. Don't repurchase content, repurpose it.
Integrate print and digital publications, manage multiple newsletters or content packages, and syndicate easily across partner channels.
Centrally manage and create multiple sites across your brand portfolio. Maintain brand consistency while enabling creative freedom.
Easily use video in your publishing efforts, including live video, machine learning, and support for every device.

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