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Our pre-built components include publisher-informed UI, advertising tools, native video support, personalization, content syndication and more to drive your eCommerce initiatives.

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What’s the business pain point we address for eCommerce?
Let’s start with the fact that the global eCommerce market reached $3.5 trillion by the end of 2019, and 100 million consumers are predicted to be shopping using AR by 2020, according to Gartner. There will also be voice search with households adopting new in-home smart devices and mobile shopping steadily taking over as the preferred way consumers want to shop. All of these are exciting ways that brands can engage with their customers—but it requires an eCommerce strategy with content and user engagement at the center. On the road to growing audience and customer engagement, brands rely on digital experience platforms that incorporate content marketing, personalization, digital publishing and SEO. Let’s also remember that companies need data to drive decisions, which means analytics have to be built into the content management platform.

How does Brightspot approach this problem for eCommerce?

The Brightspot CMS is naturally headless and front-end agnostic.

It excels in helping companies take their complex set of proprietary data sources, multiple CMS solutions, digital experience platforms, lots of enterprise applications and marketing tech software and creating a bridge that brings harmony to the back-end. Next, Brightspot makes it easy to create any front-end experience, enabling control over the brand experience and the personalized customer journey, no matter what device or channel they choose.

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What is the main benefit to the user for eCommerce?
Brightspot gives you all of the tools you need to easily drive your eCommerce priorities forward and transform your digital customer experiences - without compromise. Stay ahead of the competitive marketplace over the next many years by leveraging the Brightspot CMSm that enables you to deliver high-quality digital experiences that garner customer loyalty and drive action and conversation from your site visitors.

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CMS for eCommerce: Key features & benefits

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Flexible and adaptable
Brightspot’s flexible platform allows you to create your own front-end to any device using GraphQL. Adding new experiences and projects are limitless.
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Headless CMS
Maintain control over how you present your front end to your audiences by using Brightspot's API-first headless implementation.
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Ready for success
Our pre-packaged components include publisher-informed UI, advertising tools, native video support, personalization, content syndication and more. Everything you can think of has been built-in with your use case in mind.
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Custom workflow for each site
Brightspot’s superior approach to search with federated search makes the content creation and editing process intuitive and fast. Build engaging content quickly with access to gifs and images from your own database or third-party sources like Getty Images or Giphy, all from within Brightspot.
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Multisite, multi-language
Brightspot is naturally multisite and multi-language with rules-based sharing of content, templates and modules. Share content into your entire site ecosystem. Create content in a single location, and then push that content out to other sites from the same screen where you created it.
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AI and ML
The Brightspot CMS already includes integration of new and emerging technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence that streamline content creation.

CMS for eCommerce: Webinars & downloads

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Transform your digital content strategy to strengthen eCommerce

In this webinar, our panelists from Mattress Firm Sotheby’s discuss their digital content transformation experiences and how they’ve worked to seamlessly interweave content with commerce throughout the customer journey.

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Tailored applications for your unique use case with 70+ native platform integrations
Brightspot offers a powerful integration-ready solution for the complexity and technology constraints faced by businesses that are dependent on Adobe Experience Manager.
Tell meaningful stories and connect with audiences worldwide in a more authentic way. Create blogs, sustainability reports and capture the heart and soul of the company through storytelling with images and multimedia.
Increase efficiencies across digital assets, Brightspot makes it simple to view, edit and manage all of your assets. Don't repurchase content, repurpose it.
Brightspot’s microsite platform makes launching one or hundreds of microsites as simple and painless as possible.
Centrally manage and create multiple sites across your brand portfolio. Maintain brand consistency while enabling creative freedom.
Easily use video in your publishing efforts, including live video, machine learning, and support for every device.

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