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Sotheby's replatforms to drive innovation for the first international auction house

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The challenge

Sotheby’s realized its Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management system was inhibiting the organization’s digital innovation.

The site was out of date, and the editorial team was restricted by the types of content it could publish. The CMS codebase had become difficult to maintain, especially without significant development support, and there were SEO concerns.

We were under time pressure to get something live that represented a high-quality user experience, which is often a recipe for trouble. That’s one of the reasons why it was very important to have a flexible technical partner and platform to work with.
Jonathan Pytell, Sotheby’s Vice President and Director of Digital Product

The Brightspot solution

After successfully launching the Museum Network in less than 90 days, Sotheby’s migrated its flagship corporate site from AEM to Brightspot.

Project highlights include

  • Sotheby's can now easily produce and present content in multiple languages with corresponding URLs and metadata.
  • Editors are able to efficiently manage millions of assets using the built-in digital asset manager, which gives them the ability to access and organize a broad set of content.
  • Brightspot’s powerful search functionality allows users to find content quickly based on associated metadata, descriptions, and related images.

Sotheby's has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art for more than 250 years
Showcasing a treasure trove of high-end artistic experiences for the leading broker of art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles.
Brightspot powers their new highly engaging user experience
Sotheby’s digital properties can now deliver vivid images, powerful search, and compelling stories and video content.

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