What to look for in a flexible CMS framework

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Content management systems (CMS) have come a long way over the past two decades. Previously, the experience of creating and publishing content was dependent upon the functionality of open-source software with a singular goal of getting a website up and running quickly. While still a core part of CMS’s today, we’ve shifted to an era where both the speed and flexibility of CMS frameworks are the new names of the game. In other words, software designers are focused on giving businesses the tools to develop a digital identity that works uniquely for their needs, and that can easily shift as those needs change to move the business forward.

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When we talk about a flexible CMS framework, there are four key features to look for: an extensible CMS architecture, proven, tried, and tested functionalities built with publishers in mind, is integration ready, and offers ongoing support.

Extensible CMS architecture
At the core of a flexible, custom CMS framework is an extensible architecture that allows for fast and fluid content decisions without compromise. An extensible CMS architecture is defined by the ability to put your business’s unique challenges and content goals first, and publish to meet those needs whether that means using a headless, decoupled or hybrid approach.

Brightspot’s headless and decoupled CMS is designed to grow with your organization, and act as an extension to your business logic and workflow. Our unique data framework allows for rapid iteration, while automatic database management, automatic application UI and auto-generated APIs means it takes less time and resources to incorporate new ideas. Through Brightspot’s Workflow Engine, teams are able to create real-time custom workflows around their unique business rules, and can extend or enhance any pre-built module to make it work for the business’s content environment.

Publisher-proven tools
Today, a business’s digital presence is a major, if not the largest, presentation of its brand. As such, businesses need a custom CMS framework that allows for a tailored solution instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, to support an evolving digital vision. The second component of a flexible CMS is one that is pressure-tested by publishers, meaning it provides an intuitive and powerful editing experience that allows editors, publishers and marketers to get their content out quickly. A publisher-proven CMS also enables real-time custom workflows that streamline how content is created, managed and put out into the world.

Built by both publishers and developers, Brightspot is designed with this audience in mind, focused squarely on how to address the editorial workflows and challenges associated with content creation, publication, and governance. Brightspot is naturally multi-site and multi-language CMS with rules-based sharing of content, templates and modules, while our users and roles systems allow for contextual and personalized experiences at all levels.

Johnson & Johnson provides a strong example of this in action. The business was looking to revamp its corporate communications strategy by establishing a Global Content Lab, and needed a business content platform that could act as a publishing arm to deliver strong editorial functionality. With Brightspot, Johnson & Johnson was able to use the solution’s customizable workflows and user roles, rich text editor, live preview, and multichannel publishing capabilities to launch a successful brand newsroom to tell its company story.

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