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Brightspot offers a powerful integration-ready solution for the complexity and technology constraints faced by businesses that are dependent on Adobe Experience Manager.

Real outcomes for previous Adobe AEM customers

Brightspot was designed to fit into your publishing process, freeing content creators to quickly distribute content to every channel without the need for IT. Your development team gets to focus on innovations; creators get to create.
Now you can replatform faster than the time it took for you to decide to redesign and relaunch your site—in less than six months.
We’ve outlined the top challenges companies encounter when working with Adobe Experience Manager and how we can help you overcome them.
Find out how we’ve helped numerous Adobe customers either make the most of their Adobe AEM investment or transition entirely to Brightspot.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) vs. Brightspot

Looking for a CMS that puts publishers first? Meet Brightspot! Our platform is designed to be easy to use and offers the flexibility you need when looking for an Adobe Experience Manager alternative. With a modern, flexible architecture that supports decoupled, headless or hybrid publishing, Brightspot is the digital experience platform that customers crave.

As you evaluate enterprise content management systems, it's likely you've come across Adobe Experience Manager. While it's a powerful CMS, it can be prohibitively expensive, difficult to deploy and adopt, and impractical for high-volume, multichannel content production workflows. Brightspot offers an intuitive, industry-leading alternative that can be up and running in no time. Say goodbye to clunky, cumbersome tools and hello to a CMS that makes content creation and management a breeze.

One of the biggest hurdles of using Adobe Experience Manager is the complexity involved in its setup and adoption.

It requires developers to build everything, from templates to buttons and everything in between. Additionally, its steep learning curve makes it difficult for non-technical users to adopt, particularly if they're not familiar with HTML. In contrast, Brightspot is designed to be user-friendly and easily integrated into existing publishing processes. With Brightspot, you can quickly create and publish content across multiple channels without needing IT support.

Major differences between Adobe Experience Manager and Brightspot

Some of the major differences between Adobe Experience Manager and Brightspot include deployment time and cost, integration availability and the need to rely on developers to modify and maintain the platform.

Agile 90-day deployment vs. 9-to-18-month-long projects

While Adobe Experience Manager's cumbersome architecture often necessitates significant IT involvement and implementation cycles lasting a year or more, Brightspot is optimized for efficiency. Our platform is built to be deployed in 90 days or less, enabling your team to begin producing content quickly and affordably, at a fraction of the cost.

70+ native integrations and out-of-the-box analytics

Brightspot was designed to be API first. Brightspot also includes a comprehensive analytics dashboard that integrates with Google Analytics (among others) for more timely and actionable decision making.

User-friendly vs. developer-heavy

When it comes to user-friendliness, Brightspot outshines Adobe Experience Manager. AEM requires developers to create everything from scratch—templates, buttons, and everything in between, making it challenging for those without HTML expertise. In contrast, Brightspot is built to fit smoothly into any publishing workflow and requires no IT assistance, making it easy for anyone to create content quickly across various channels.

Key features & benefits of Brightspot as your Adobe AEM alternative

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Flexible and adaptable
Focus on the content and not on the platform restrictions. Brightspot includes tools on which content-focused teams rely, from monetization to authentication to analytics.
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Integrate with your proprietary data as well as any third-party data sources, including the Adobe AEM platform. Brightspot provides two-way sync for published and integrated data sources.
Custom workflows
Create real-time custom workflows that streamline how you create, manage, edit and publish content. With Brightspot, content teams as can adapt in real-time to the requirements of the business.
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AI and ML
Brightspot CMS already includes integration of new and emerging technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence that streamline the content creation and editing process. Think of the time savings from auto-generated tags, transcription of video and audio content, and more.
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Powerful search
Brightspot’s superior approach to search with federated search makes the content creation and editing process intuitive and fast. Build engaging content quickly with access to gifs and images from your own database or third-party sources like Getty Images or Giphy, all from within Brightspot.
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Purposeful partnership
We start working with you on day one to build life-long relationships that drive better, faster and more successful results. We focus on building tailored solutions that check every box for your unique business challenge.

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