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Making the move off Drupal: 3 brands enjoying the best CMS alternative to Drupal

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Upgrade your content game with Brightspot, the Drupal alternative you've been looking for.

Is your organization struggling to keep up with the demands of today's digital landscape? Do you feel limited by the rigid structure of Drupal, the popular but inflexible CMS? If you're looking to take your content operations to the next level, it's time to consider an alternative.

Enter Brightspot, the game-changing CMS that empowers organizations to expand their digital footprint and engage with customers on a more personalized level. With built-in integrations and flexible workflows, Brightspot allows for seamless content publishing and updates without the need for developer support.

Don't let Drupal hold you back from achieving your content goals. Join the ranks of successful brands who have made the switch to Brightspot and unlocked the full potential of their digital presence.

Discover how SBS Australia, WGBH, NPR and Vodafone New Zealand were able to overcome Drupal's limitations by switching to a modern CMS that offers increased flexibility, advanced publishing tools and a scalable platform for future growth.

SBS Australia boosts its multilingual capabilities with the switch from Drupal to Brightspot

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One of five major TV networks in Australia, Special Broadcasting Service offers five TV channels, a radio network and a digital streaming offering with content on demand. SBS was using Drupal as well as two other CMS platforms, and it needed to combine all of its content into one modern, efficient content management system. The broadcaster was looking for a CMS option that could scale and support future digital innovation, as well as support content in more than 60 languages.

SBS chose to migrate from Drupal to Brightspot, which offers a flexible, headless CMS that makes it easy to deliver content to a variety of different platforms, including TV and mobile devices. In addition, the platform includes multilingual support for 70 languages.

On the back end, SBS’s editorial users have access to the full array of Brightspot CMS capabilities, including content templates, workflow tools and reporting features. Brightspot customized the new user interface in the CMS to fit SBS’s existing newsroom process, making it easy to adopt the new solution with minimal disruption to business and editorial operations.

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From IT dependence with Drupal to content freedom: Vodafone NZ's Brightspot success story

Vodafone NZ Brightspot CMS case study promo graphic

Vodafone New Zealand, a top-tier digital services provider serving over 3 million mobile devices, faced a critical challenge. The company needed to move away from its Drupal-based content management system and find a CMS alternative that would empower marketers to create, manage, and publish content autonomously, without relying on IT support. Additionally, the CMS had to provide a seamless e-commerce experience and maintain the brand's design and identity.

Brightspot emerged as the clear choice for Vodafone New Zealand, enabling the company to migrate all existing content from the old Drupal CMS with minimal hassle. Today, Vodafone's content team benefits from streamlined workflows, making it easy to build and publish new content quickly and efficiently. Since adopting Brightspot, Vodafone has been able to integrate new back-end updates and launch several new content-focused sites with ease.

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Revolutionizing public broadcasting's digital offering with the best CMS alternative to Drupal

WGBH Publishes New Video-First Websites

In 2018, Boston’s iconic public TV broadcaster, WGBH, sought a modern CMS option to meet the shifting digital needs and preferences of its audience. Leaders wanted to continue delivering the high-quality content for which WGBH is known, but in new and personalized formats, including video and audio, for consumption across desktop and mobile devices.

WGBH had faced difficulties and inefficiencies working with Drupal and other legacy CMS platforms, and the goal was to consolidate all editorial operations within one powerful system. The chosen new system is Brightspot, and with it, the organization now produces more meaningful and compelling digital experiences faster and seamlessly, increasing its overall reach.

National Public Radio (NPR), a national syndicator to more than 1,000 public radio stations, followed in 2019, transforming its Drupal-based CMS to a new organization-wide CMS known internally as Grove and powered by Brightspot. In addition to switching to a scalable, dynamic solution, NPR also offers the solution to all member stations.

Dozens more stations have since migrated to the new CMS, and some have partnered directly with Brightspot to launch their own custom instances of the content management system. As an alternative to Drupal, the new CMS allows for on-demand audio, audio enhancements to supplement stories, and other dynamic and personalization features, while also unifying public radio stations across the country.

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